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Meeting Josef Essberger in Toronto, Canada

Today’s technology allows journalists, webmasters, teachers, and a variety of contract workers to telecommute from all over the world. I’ve been working virtually with EnglishClub founder Josef Essberger for over 11 years.

In the past decade, Josef and I have worked remotely on a wide variety of EnglishClub projects and developments, including the Learning English Video Project, This Week in History, and Listen to News. We also developed and continue to maintain EC’s social network, MyEnglishClub, which has grown to 115,000 members in the past few years. We correspond daily via email, and have spoken on the phone just once. Occasionally we exchange packages and large files via snail mail. This week, we met in person in Toronto, Canada!

Tara Benwell and Josef Essberger in Toronto, Canada

Tara Benwell and Josef Essberger in Toronto, Canada

When I heard that Josef was coming to Canada this spring for a personal trip, I was thrilled at the opportunity to meet him. We enjoyed lunch together on Yonge Street this past Friday afternoon and took a subway ride down to the CN Tower for a photo opportunity. [Continue reading]

The Happy Birthday Song

Have you heard Jonathan Taylor Brittunculi's latest song? You are probably familiar with it. It's the Happy Birthday Song! EnglishClub's Happy Birthday Song is a fun adaptation of the traditional birthday song. … [Continue reading]

EnglishClub Has 100,000 Facebook Likes


EnglishClub would like to say a special thanks to all of the English learners and teachers around the world who like us on Facebook. We've just passed 100,000 Facebook Likes! We have been on Facebook since 8 July 2009. Our first post was a link to … [Continue reading]

Jingle Bells – for English Learners

Jonathan Taylor Brittunculi, EnglishClub's music man, recorded a new holiday song for you to enjoy. If you are familiar with Jingle Bells, you'll have no trouble singing along to this rock n' roll version. … [Continue reading]

MyEC Milestone ~ 100,000 Members

100000 members

MyEnglishClub welcomed its 100,000th member today! Marco  joined us from Italy. He is an intermediate English learner who likes Guns N' Roses. His favourite English saying is Take it easy.  If you are already a member, please leave a welcome message … [Continue reading]

#RSCON4 ~ A Free E-Conference

Listen to News

Are you looking for new ideas to use in the classroom or in your online teaching? The fourth annual Reform Symposium Conference (RSCON) is taking place from October 11-13th. This is a free online conference for teachers. Come out and learn how … [Continue reading]

You Know What I’m Gonna Do?

A new series of vocabulary videos has been added to the EnglishClub YouTube channel. The series is being developed in Thailand by English learners Somkid and Nid. One of the best ways to learn English is to teach it. EnglishClub members are … [Continue reading]

Writing Prompts For English Learners

Writing Prompts has a new section for English learners who want to practise their writing. Our weekly Writing Prompts are designed specially for English learners. Each writing prompt gives learners the chance to practise and review one aspect of … [Continue reading]

Interesting Facts In Easy English

We Have Good News! Following the news is a good way to practise English. Many English learners read, listen to, or watch the news in order to learn new vocabulary and practise reading and listening skills. Having a little background information … [Continue reading]

Months of the Year Song

Just released! Another hit song for you to listen and learn by from EnglishClub: the Months of the Year Song — or It's Been a Year (since you broke my heart). As usual, it comes with sub-titles so you can follow along more easily. Months of the … [Continue reading]