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EnglishClub Has 100,000 Facebook Likes

EnglishClub would like to say a special thanks to all of the English learners and teachers around the world who like us on Facebook. We've just passed 100,000 Facebook Likes! We have been on … [Read more...]

Months of the Year Song

Just released! Another hit song for you to listen and learn by from EnglishClub: the Months of the Year Song — or It's Been a Year (since you broke my heart). As usual, it comes with sub-titles so you … [Read more...]

New Games For Practising Past, Present and Future

Announcing a complete new section of 720 drag-and-drop games that learners can play to practise talking about TIME - past, present and future. These games, specially created for EnglishClub by Matt … [Read more...]

EnglishClub is 15

This year, 2012, sees EnglishClub’s 15th anniversary. With support and encouragement from members and visitors worldwide, EnglishClub has matured into one of the longest standing, most dependable … [Read more...]

New Smartphone Version For MyEC

Today sees the launch of a new Beta mobile version of MyEnglishClub for smartphones. Now MyEC members can browse MyEC on smartphones such as iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, easily viewing their own page as … [Read more...]

Mobile Phone Survey

5-Minute Survey For EnglishClub Visitors Today, many EnglishClub members and visitors access the Internet on mobile devices such as phones and tablets. If you visit EnglishClub on a mobile, we want … [Read more...]