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New Smartphone Version For MyEC

Today sees the launch of a new Beta mobile version of MyEnglishClub for smartphones. Now MyEC members can browse MyEC on smartphones such as iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, easily viewing their own page as well as latest activity, blogs, photos, forums and other members. Blogs posts and forum replies can be added via mobile. It’s also still possible to go to the normal desktop view from the drop-down menu.

This is not an “app” but a regular mobile website so there is no need to download or install anything. And of course it’s free. If you visit on a smartphone,MyEC touch icon¬†your phone should automatically open the mobile version. If you bookmark MyEC to your mobile screen, the MyEC touch icon will be displayed as in the photo right.

Finally, as mentioned, this is a Beta release, which means it’s not the final version and has several improvements to come.


  1. thank you very much sir josef essberger for your heart of reaching out learners and teachers through our club, the English Club. May you always continue to extend help to us. This site is so helpful and enriching…Again, thanks

  2. John Chiang says:

    Thanks for your e-mail and this is my first post reply of this English Club. After read over the above article, I have learned something about Smartphone. With regret to say my moible phone is simple one but not open the Internet function, but I used to read my e-mail by my notebook computer.

    In China, all the facebook, twitter, youtube, and even personal blogs were blocked by government. We are unable to open it in China. And this will be kind of problem to study English via English Club. However, I’ll try to learn good English from you. Thank you.

    John in Shanghai, China

  3. How about chat feature? Can we chat through our smartphone?

    • At present, chat is not supported on mobile MyEC for smartphones. But if you switch to Desktop View (from the drop-down menu that you see in the photo above), chat does work on many smartphones (including iPhone) – though it is obviously a bit fiddly. You can access MyEC Chat (Desktop View) more easily if you bookmark it on your smartphone:

  4. Wow, this is very nice!

  5. hi..thanks for your trying to help us in englishclub..i hope i can chat with phone in chat room.

  6. very good.i like the iphone,how beautiful its applications are!

  7. What about symbian or blackberry versions? Do you mean Samsung Galaxy or any android phone?

    • I guess they mean smartphones, which are mostly all iOS (iPhone) and all Android OS. Some of the top-end Nokias and even Blackberry may qualify, not sure. Mostly, smartphones have very large screens (almost the size of the phone) and they are touch-screens.

  8. I already uploaded the page on my Android phone, but I cannot find the option to log in and check my page. I just see the timeline and that’s it. Could you help me, please?

    • In the top photo above, you see the black and white button at the top right, to the right of EnglishClub? Press that and a menu drops down allowing you to login, or go to various pages, or switch to Desktop view. That’s the theory anyway :)

  9. It’s impossible to go to the normal desktop view from the drop-down menu. It was earlier very easy, now it’s impossible. This menu is non active.

  10. !!! drop-down !!!

    • (my mistake, should’ve been “drop-down”,
      not “drop-dawn”.
      NOTHING is dropping down in/at/on my mobile phone at the moment)

  11. Symbian Nokia.Previously I’ve had in the screen the same view as in your first picture (with this TASKBAND with “members”, “photos”, “blogs”, “DESKTOP VIEW” and so on).From quite long time I can see the screen without any taskband so I can make nothing. Ah! There isn’t any place to find that belt/taskband! Only the screen itself. No the special place to find it!! NGNP=) [It means, No Gain No Pain=)]Poor me and my beloved mobile which is the best in the World because it still exist and works despite all these disturbances…..

  12. Thank you for your attention,
    Greetings from Poland:)

  13. Sometimes by chance, after many hours, I can find “desktop view” during opening the site, it’s too complicated to me to say it in English, sorry. If you want, I can tell it in Polish, as you know I’m a learner of English.

  14. Hello
    I preffer use “mobile view”,but i cant find can i switch to” mobile view”from “desktop view”?
    Already im thankful for ur response. :)

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