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1brandn. a particular make of product - to brand v. - branded adj.
2consumern. the person who buys and uses a product or service - to consume v.
3costv. [cost, costed, costed] to estimate the price of making a product - costing n.
4developv. to create a new product or improve an existing one - product development n.
5distributionn. the delivering of products to end-users, inc. advertising, storing etc
6end-usern. the person, customer etc who is the ultimate (and so real) user of a product
7imagen. the concept or perception of a firm or product held by the general public
8labeln. small piece of paper, metal etc on a product giving information about it
9launchv. to introduce a new product, with publicity etc - product launch n.
10mail ordern. the selling of goods by post - mail-order catalogue n.
11market researchn. study of consumers' needs & preferences, often for a particular product
12packagingUKn. the wrapping or container for a product
13point of salen. the place where a product is actually sold to the public - point-of-sale adj.
14productn. something made to be sold; merchandise [includes services] - to produce v.
15public relationsn. creation and maintenance of a good public image - public relations officer n.
16registeredadj. registered or officially recorded as a trademark - ® abbr. - to register v.
17sponsorn. firm supporting an organisation in return for advertising space - also v.
18S.W.O.T.abbr. Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats
19total productn. the whole product, inc. name, packaging, instructions, reliability, after-sales etc
20trademarkn. special symbol, design, word etc used to represent a product or firm - " abbr.

From Top 20 Business Vocabulary.

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