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airhead American English Offensive

a silly, stupid person

crap (2) Offensive

something worthless (n.) | worthless (adj.)

dork American English Offensive

a socially awkward person

dweeb American English Offensive

a studious but socially inept person

geezer Offensive

an old person

jerk Offensive

a stupid person

nerd Offensive

a studious person with few social skills

pissed (2) American English Offensive

angry, annoyed

pissed (1) Offensive


prat British English Offensive

a fool

queer Offensive

homosexual, gay

redneck American English Offensive

a lower-class white person from a rural background

pissed off British and Australian English Offensive

angry, annoyed

Piss off! Offensive

Go away!

fart Offensive

to release gas from the anus (v.) | a release of gas from the anus (n.)

klutz American and Australian English Offensive

a clumsy or foolish person

lez | lezzy | lezzo Offensive

lesbian, gay woman

pig (2) Offensive

a police officer

pig (1) Offensive

an unattractive and unpleasant person

Yankee | Yank Offensive

an American, a person from the United States of America

yob | yobbo British English Offensive

an aggressive, impolite, crude person

yokel Offensive

a simple, poorly-educated person from the countryside

alky | alkie | alchy Offensive

an alcoholic

bastard Offensive

an unpleasant, despicable person

shit (2) Offensive

an exclamation that can express annoyance, unpleasant surprise, frustration, pain, etc.
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