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The Olympic Games - Vocabulary

Use this page to help you with any difficult vocabulary in the article titled The Olympic Games. You can test yourself with the vocabulary quiz.

WordContextual Meaning
amateura person who does something without payment; not a professional
antheman important song (usually national)
bannednot allowed
broadcastera person who talks (often about sports and athletes) on television or radio
competeto battle against another player
contestantperson who plays in a game
controversydisagreement over an issue
dopingusing illegal drugs in sport
facilitiesbuildings and places where events are held
fanfarea piece of music that announces an important arrival
hostthe country that holds the Games
humanityall people
medala gold, silver, or bronze award given to a winner or runner up
mottoa personal belief that one shares, related to life
nationalitythe country a person is from
oatha promise
participantsomeone who plays in a game
partisanshipunfair judging (usually for political reasons)
postponedelay until later
puritytotal goodness
qualifyachieve the minimum requirement
representativeone person who speaks or acts on behalf of a team or group
securitypeople who control violence or rule-breaking and provide protection
spectatora person who watches an event
sponsor(n)a company that gives an athlete financial support in exchange for promoting clothes or other products
spokesmana person (often an athlete) who represents a company in marketing or the media
sportsmanshipfairness and honesty in sports
staminahaving energy for a long time
standingsa record of athletes' performances
struggleto work hard at something difficult
substitutean extra team player used in emergencies
symbolan image that represents something
torcha large flame on a stick
venuethe place where an event is held
victorya win

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