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A Differnt Angle!(Part Two)

Postby behnam » Wed Mar 27, 2013 7:21 am

Dear Amal, I want you to consider this analogy. I am sure the conclusions will be different. The main drawback to this analogy which also makes me wonder is that why the father doesn't leave the family? What forces him to resist? If I were him, I'd leave the family when my younger boy was killed. I don't know. Maybe, I would be able to speak with all members and make all angles clear to them. They might follow my advice. The older boy might change his idea, but how could I tolerate his crime. He is a criminal! If I punished him, it would create another tension. If I didn't punish him, it was against the laws.

This was my reply to your political views. I hope it is clear.

I'd like to write something about your interpretation on the Hadis. Let's have a look at it:
! If god say in the holy koran " لا فرق بين عربي و اعجمي الا بالتقوى و العمل الصالح" how would we say sth against that???!!!
I am not sure, either this is in the holy Koran or not. Maybe, it is a Hadis. It is similar to an Ayeh in the holy Koran that says, "...انّ اكرمكم عندالله اتقكم..." . Yes, that is right. However, we should know, it is mostly applicable in the other world. "عند الله", that is true, but what about "عند اابشر"?

In a society, there are many people. Only God knows who is a good person(in terms of his own criteria), and who is bad. He will give rewards to good people, and will punish bad ones. However, in the society, people are really different. Some of them are more effective than others. Some of them play more important roles than others. Obviously, from this point of view, people are different. They are not the same at all.

Thank you for reading. I'd like to repeat that

All the best,
Behnam, 27 March, 2013

ارادتمند شما
*بهنام *
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A Different Angle!(Part Three)

Postby behnam » Wed Mar 27, 2013 10:50 am

Hi friends,

Me Again! Sorry to bother you. This is the final part. I'd like to take this opportunity to write something about misinterpretation of the holy Koran. As you know, the holy Koran is in Arabic. Therefore, it is different from my mother tongue which is Azerbaijani. This makes it difficult to read and understand. I am absolutely certain that you agree with me on this issue. :lol:

However, Arab people are supposed to understand it easily. At least, the holy Koran is expected to be better understood by people who speak in Arabic. This is reasonable, isn't it? :lol:

An extremely important thing, when it comes to interpretation of the holy Koran, is that its Ayat should be noticed together. It means when interpenetrating an Ayeh, we should carry out an overall review of the holy Koran. This is called 'Interpretation of Koran by means of Koran"!

In order to give an example, let me have a look at 49:13(Hajarat):

"يا ايّها النّاس انّا خلقناكم من ذكر و انثي و جعلنا لكم شعوباً و قبائل لتعارفو انّ اكرمكم عندالله اتقكم انّ الله عليم خبير"

"O mankind! We created you from a single (pair) of a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes,that you may know each other (not that you may despise each other). Verily the most honoured of you in the sight of Allah is (he who is) the most righteous of
you. And Allah has full knowledge and is well acquainted (with all things)."

In order to avoid making mistake(I mean Amalish mistake! {-: ) we should also take a look at 4:34(Nesa):

"...الرّجال قوّامون علي النّساء بما فضّل الله بعضهم علي بعض و بما انفقوا من اموالهم"

"Men are the protectors and maintainers of women, because Allah has given the one more (strength) than the other, and because they support them from their means..."

This is a countervail Ayeh, although I do have faith and belief in it. Forget the first part, which is correctly against feminist, I want you to notice carefully to understand that people are different. :lol: :lol: :lol:

In the first Ayeh, the religious actions, the deeds, the righteousness, the rewording things are considered. However, it is a misinterpretation of Ayeh to think that people are equal. {-:

In the second Ayeh, as you see, the social roles of people are considered. It is the most obvious reason that people are different, because they have different effectiveness, role, positions, duties, responsibilities,etc.

I hope to hear from you soon.

All the best,
Behnam, 27 March, 2013

ارادتمند شما
*بهنام *
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Hi Behnam

Postby Kamelia » Wed Mar 27, 2013 11:34 am

How are you dear?

Actually I was going to write to Ellie and Mohsen but I saw your and Amal's posts in a row and I thought maybe it would be too rude of me to read all these words of wisdom and not utter a single thing so...

I really enjoy reading your posts since they are written in a very careful manner, ecceltic choice of words, a very clear way of treating political and philosophical subjects along with simple analogies so that people like me could understand them :-D

First of all I want to thank you for the above reasons and much more than them, since it will be a long discussion itself to talk about your writing style, simplistic but quite polemical! Then I want to confess that I know no philosophy, I know not how to hover on these matters since I have not read about them, I have just heard, read news, saw propagandists' talk about them and then the specialists discuss them in details. I have just SEEN them, never did I try to dig deeply into them (oh please take it seriously) since its not really my area of interest. It is simply too hard for me, call me nuts, but I really can not :-D

Now, what I am going to say as I have always said is that, when there is a fight others always dare to come in between and interfere with the matters so they can get benefits. But there are names, as masks, to these intereferences! Some do it so terribly apparent that others can see it as crystal clear that they WANT sth but some...they do it under "seemingly helpful masks"! You have to read between their lines. The true suffer's for people who are involved in this fight without even wanting it or taking any part in it from the first. They are involved, abused and then killed maybe.

Sometimes I think, maybe no one really understands what the whole matter's about, not even the people who started it. They start a fire, they make it burn and then make it worth but then it is like that no one knows what it was really about. The only ones who understand this might be the poor innocent people who live in this terrible situation.

I am not really taking sides, and I dont really know if I should. But that was the whole thing that I knew about it.

Thank you for reading this,
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Hiii Ellie joon

Postby Kamelia » Wed Mar 27, 2013 11:51 am

How are youuuu lovely host? I guess there is no need to ask this since Ellie is so happy these days and I can not say how happy she made me feel with expressing her feelings.

So seems like somebody here is accusing me of being a specialist :-D Are we going to fight about it? Or you will surrender yourself? LOL
I am just a student, oh and between ourselves, not a good one :-D

Ellie jooooon, I see you got a lot of lovely cousins to see and talk to, or even travel to their homes. Poor Kami's cousins are either too old not have kids and grandkids or have travelled or other cities and countries. I wonder if I could share your cousins with you if you got any extra ones :-D Children under five are even accepted with great pleasure, I love kids!
Ellie, do you play Daf for them? Have you played it recently? Do you know that Kami thinks she almost forgot how to read the musical notes? Shame on me :oops:

So I see that they are awaiting your arrival, I really wish that you enjoy your trip there, and have a lot of fun.

Dear Ellie, I guess I wish that too. It would be awesome if we could, just could, gather somewhere, all of us, and then simply chat.

You wrote of so many good stuff and then you even invited me to Esfahan but then all of a sudden you got sad. It does not become you dear. Cheer up, world's been like this for so long as it is its age. We can not stop these fakes, can we? We have to bear them, but then we can make them simply easy for ourselves with trying to bear with them. Trying to improve our souls so that we do not get bothered or irritated so easy. Oh Ellie, you know these words better than me, I am just preaching like an old lady. You have always been to patient and kind. These little barriers and fakings can not turn your calm soul sad.

Elliieeeeeeeee, just guess how much I have missed Esfahan! You can not do it, that I bet! And Najaf Abad I have not seen, I really wish I could :-( One of my wonderful memories is from Esfahan. I can never forget traveling there. It was a whole new experience. It felt like a real travel in Persia! You feel what it means to be Iranian :-D Even the accent is wonderfully alive. It rings beautiful bells in your ears, don't laught I mean it!

I enjoyed writing to you too, It is free, happy and refreshing.

Hope I read from you so soon,

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Re: Let's learn together!

Postby [amal] » Wed Mar 27, 2013 3:37 pm

Hi Behnam,

How are you?

Thanks for your posts, I really enjoyed reading them and enjoyed your angle.

This post is just to say SORRY, I MADE A MISTAKE, of course what I wrote isn't from the holy Koran! I am so sorry. What a big mistake!

Emm although, there is no need to give explanation about this mistake since I had did it and knowing the reasons isn't important for you.. But I am going to say them anyway and god knows that this is the truth, emm, when I reached to my final part in fact there were an Ayah in my mind but my mother caught me awake and this thing made me lost my mind so I mixed between the ideas and between the hades and the ayah! :-( :oops: :oops: :oops:

In fact, the last part isn't written the way which I wanted and I couldn't explain it clearly. However, I couldn't rewrite it and even I couldn't not send the post because I had promised you to write about the matter... :-(

Moreover, there are still some points in your first post to me which I haven't talked about it yet. Inshallah, I will write a post about it soon.

Finally, I really want to say that I am sorry about my mistake, it's really a big shame!

See you.
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Re: Let's learn together!

Postby Mohsen » Wed Mar 27, 2013 8:59 pm

Hi Amal,
Thank you for your long post ,you spent one night to write it ,I read it not with enjoy , because I can feel the pains and hardship which the Syrian people are suffering now.

Dear Amal , we can't find perfect people , the people should be accepted along with their mistakes and weakness ,the leaders and religious people also are not distinct from the people, although we expect that they don't make mistake.
So in normal circumstances that we have good , bad ,worse and worst.
certainly we choose the good but sometime we have to choose bad ,because the other side is worse or worst.

You have written that 'THE PEOPLE SIDE IS THE RIGHT SIDE" but I want to say that it is not always a correct way, because they are not always in the right truck. We have many stories in Koran , I want to tell the story of Moses and Israelian.

When Moses went to the mount of Sina for 40 days, a person who was called Samery decived the Israelian, He made a golden calf and said to people that
"He (Samiri) said: I saw what they did not see, so I took a handful (of the dust) from the footsteps of the messenger, then I threw it in the casting (of the calf); thus did my soul (nafs) commend to me." (Qur'an 20:96) so all Israelian believed in Sameri and started worshipping the Golden Calf except 5 persons who were in Samery 'opposition and 12000 people who were neutral ,but 600.000 people were deceived by Samery and forgot what Moses told them.
These people who had seen the Moses magic works , and how Moses parted the water for them to escape from Pharaoh's soldiers.

I don't want to confirm Asad as a perfect man ,but I want to say the Israel and USA made a Golden Calf ( They called it Freedom and democracy) for Syrian people to deceive them and if many people in Syria follow them it does not present that people side is the right side.
My idea is that each side that supported by USA is the black side , so it is better to accept Asad at present and leave your gray side and be sure that it is the right truck.
Fortunately people of Syria had a good resistance against USA for one year, although USA had a plan to control the Syria in few monthes.
Dear Amal , We had the same Golden Calf in Iran many times ,but fortunately with awareness of people they were neutralized also we had 8 years war against them.

If the people of Syria have unity against enemy ,be sure that USA can't do anything. This is what God promise in Holy Koran.

God bless Syria
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Only God Is Right!

Postby behnam » Thu Mar 28, 2013 7:09 am

Hi friends,

First, sincerely speaking, I'd like to take this ideal opportunity to thank Amal for presenting a great challenge to us. I'd like to thank my dear friend and brother Mohsen for making good points and illustrating them perfectly. I'd like to express my special thanks for my dear friend Kamelia for her positive words and encouragement. Thank you very much indeed.

In many cases, when I am writing something, I imagine myself standing on the top of a high mountain, speaking to all people in the world, although the post is maybe addressed to a friend! Sometimes, a name is just an excuse to start doing something! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Although the recent challenge in the thread has posed by my dear friend Amal's reply to a post, I really think of it as a golden opportunity to write about some issues. Therefore, those were(and are) my beliefs, thoughts, ideas, opinions, either my dear friend Amal had triggered the alarm or not! {-: :lol:

We must know, these ideological and philosophical differences which provoke challenges and debates, have been among people throughout the history of human being. Therefore, we are not the first people who debate such issues. {-:

These days, there are two dominant philosophies in the world; Islamic philosophy and Materialist Philosophy! These philosophies have got similarities as well as differences. An individual must be expert at both, in order to compare them, noticing all aspects. As you know, I know a little bit Physics and the meaning of some words in English. In other words, philosophy is beyond the reach of me. However, some differences between two philosophies are realizable, even to ordinary people like me! {-:

One of the main differences between them is that Islamic Philosophy is God-centered, whereas Materialist Philosophy is Human-centered(humanistic). This is a big difference. In the first one, what God says is right, but in the second one what human says is right!

For example, In the Islamic philosophy, gay marriage is forbidden even though the vast majority of people vote for it! Drinking alcoholic drinks is forbidden, even though all people agree with it. Out of marriage sex is forbidden, even though all people go with it! ...These are some fixed rules. People cannot change them. In the holy Koran, God speaks negatively about the tribe(Lut) who used to enjoy gay marriage. They ignored their messenger's advice.God destroyed the city completely, after their insistence on the sin.

In an Islamic nation, there are fixed rules and changeable rules. People can vote for changeable rules, but fixed rules cannot be put to the vote.

The main purpose of this written is to mention that an Islamic society cannot be one hundred percent democratic! Fixed rules cannot be put to a vote. In addition to that, lawmakers are not free to make laws against our religious book; the holy Koran.

People are sometimes right, but not always. Therefore, in order to be always on the right side, we must follow God's advice which is said clearly in the holy Koran!

I am absolutely certain that what God says in the holy Koran is right. Despite all the majesty, the beauty, the simplicity, the advantage, the technological improvement, etc. of Materialist Philosophy, it will end in failure. It seems unbelievable, but God loves to act unbelievably! :lol: :lol: :lol:

It should be kept in mind that almost in all cases, human beings suffer the consequences of their own actions, deeds, beliefs, etc. To put it simply, God is not standing somewhere scowling, with a long stick in his hand, waiting in ambush, to hit a sinner on the head! This is not his way of punishing. He has set some rules in the entire universe. He has sent 124000 messengers to illustrate those rules. If someone follows the rules, s/he is successful, if not s/he results in failure. We should also bear in mind that Islamic nations will end in failure too, if they don't obey God's rules sincerely, because 'Actions speak louder than words'. In other words, hiding under word is useless, since God is wise, we cannot fool him and break his rules!

Thank you for reading.

All the best,
Behnam, 28 March, 2013

ارادتمند شما
*بهنام *
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Hi Yan

Postby Moroo » Thu Mar 28, 2013 11:08 am

Hi Yan, how are you? , and how is china :-)

Welcome to this beautiful thread :-)

I like your country ,and I'm Observing it ,I'm always keep China in my mind ,thinking how your country become like that with this huge population :~: ,is that because of good management .

mmm I think the management ,I always believe in management I believe that everything because of management.

And if China become like that because of management, do you think it depends on a person or a system, in other word if the boss had changed the country will keep going forward .

Hope to hear from you soon
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Re: Let's learn together!

Postby Elham » Thu Mar 28, 2013 12:49 pm

Hi dear Behnam, Amal and mohsen,

I'm writing this post to tell you I'm following your wonderful posts.You know, I always look forward to such hot discussions in thread. I'm enjoying it, thanks. Actually I'm learning through your posts.

Thank you Amal for expressing your opinions, I do understand your worry and concerns about your people. Nobody wants people to be killed innocently. I have the same concern as you dear.
This question always bothered me that why many solders are killed in a fight between two kings or a war between countries. During 8-year-war between Iran and Iraq a great number of our men, women and children were killed. I always ask why? why? why?It was too hard for me to accept and digest it, yet it is!

But I have learned to bring sth into my consideration! We have to recognize what is more important, what we are living for! Our lives or our values and beliefs?
I know, sometimes many innocent people are killed just because of decision of two silly groups who fight for kingdom, for their own benefits, that is really sad and not acceptable. Thank god, we believe in the other world and judgement day and it calms us that there is a fare God who knows and sees everything.

On the other hand, sometimes if we wanna take people's side we are giving this chance to enemy to win! Yes, if the righteousness could win without any blood poured, we all were happy and satisfied! Alas, it's not possible! :-( In order to defend our beliefs, our religion, our country, our family.... we need to sacrifice our lives. As a wife, I love my husband but when it's time that he goes and fights, it's my duty to encourage him and revive his strength to attend the battle courageously. I have to sacrifice my love and my desires so that my belief wins. Oh, what brave women we've had in our history who have given hope and strengthened their husbands and sons to be a lion and fight bravely! If they wanted to sit and weep and keep their beloved ones at home, what would happen?

Honey, I do understand you and I strongly disapprove of killing poor people for silly desires but what comes to my mind is that to let the righteousness win, however many people are killed is worth!

Dear please express your ideas and say whatever bothers you. I know you and your people are in a very hard situation, I know honey. Enshaaallah " HAGH" will win. Nobody wants this sad situation to continue. May god help you*

Dear Behnam, thank you very much for your great posts and comments. As always, informative, strong , wise and thoughtful. I do enjoy them. :-)

Dear Mohsen, thank you very much for your great post. Who has said that people are always right and we have to take their side? You had beautifully pointed this. :-)

All the best,
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Syria... What is really going on

Postby WiLZiN » Thu Mar 28, 2013 5:42 pm

Dear friends...

I'll tell you what is really going on in Syria:

1- From 2000 to 2010 Syria had a good shift in all domains and had a strong alliance with "Hezb Allah" and Islamic Republic of Iran. In 2003 Syria was against the occupation of Iraq and supported the national resistance there. Since that time the conspiracy against Syria is on.
2- In 2006 Israeli Crusader Zionist Masonic alliance tried to break "Hezb Allah" but the Syrian-Iranian support prevent that. Here the Global Arrogance alliance began to be more and more hateful on Syria.
3- In 2011 the Global Arrogance alliance began to put the final steps to start the revenge from Syria by buying the loyalty of many news networks around the world, severe sheikhs, humanitarian and human rights organizations, political and military analysts and experts, some of the Arab countries which are mortgaged to the West, traitor officers in Syria, and many other tools to achieve the success of their plans.
4- In 15 march 2011 the conspiracy on Syria "the revenge" started with a virtual popular motion, and the target of it was deception the world that the "Arab Spring" arrived to Syria spontaneously.
5- Some of the traitor officers in Syria had to do many purposed mistakes in the same time with the external incitement. The Simpleton protesters didn't understand what was happened, and some of the spies began to do criminal acts as burning state institutions, killing on both sides "protesters and police", request external intervention, and Asking to armed the insulation protesters.
6- After 3 months the systematic sabotage had begone in Syria under the name of "Revolution" with a slogan "Freedom... peaceful" but it wasn't. The Syrian "Regime" offered many repairs and did allot of them but the foreign opposition didn't accepted them and asked to establishment a external government.
7- At that time the whole world was Interfered and the both two axes "the Eastern and the Western". the Eastern ax stood in the side of The Syrian "Regime" and the Western ax stood in the side of The "Revolution" then the situation in Syria turned to indirect international war.
8- Terrorists entered on-line under the name of "Jihad" and they wanted to establish an Islamic emirates inside Syria, and for that target they did everything to encourage young people to "jihad". Mermaids of paradise, pleasure marriage, and more temptations had used for marketing the idea of "Jihad" in Syria.
9- The Western ax headlined the crisis in Syria as a overthrow of President Al-Assad and his "Regime" because he is the head of the Objection of Western schemes in the region and if he fall down their schemes will go on and achieve success.
10- The Syrian army found himself face to face with the terrorist groups in many areas in Syria, and they had been sheltering and hiding among civilians. The war was inevitably and in every war there are victims. The war isn't a civil war, it's an axes war. the negotiation is the only solution, but the war is required to strengthen negotiating positions.
11- The Ending of the situation in Syria will determine the features of a new world and new policies and axes in our world so Syria now is the key of ruling the world.

I didn't write my opinion about what is going on and I settled for present events as they are. Thanks for reading and have nice days.
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