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would like to speak in better english

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would like to speak in better english

Postby yashica » Wed Dec 17, 2003 9:53 am

i would like to improve my speaking & writing skills . if anybody can help me out it will be wonderful
thank u

Postby Guest » Wed Dec 17, 2003 8:50 pm

How do you do ?

if you want to improve your writing skill take grammar

Nouns and verbs + (s) or (es)

the ending is( es) when the word end s in (S) (ss) (sh) (ch) (x)

(s) like bus we will add (es) buses

(ss) like miss we will add (es) misses

(sh) like wash we will add ( es) washes

(ch) like search we will add (es) like searches

(x) like box we will add (es) like boxes

part (2)
words ending in (y ) like baby

if a word ends in a consonant +(y)
y changes to (ie) before the ending -s

like baby we will delay (y) and add ies babies

study --- studies

also (y) changes to (i) before adding -ed
hurry ---- hurried

(y) changes to (i) before the endings (er) or (est)


(y) changes to (i) before the ending (ly)



does not change before (ing)

(y) hurry --- hurrying


(y) doesn't change if the word ends in a vowel +y

play ---plays ---played
buy -----buys-----buyed
monkey ------monkeys

((((((((((an exception)

i'll continue tomorrow bye



Postby yasmin » Sun Dec 21, 2003 9:49 am

hi ! guest ur the one who has given me information regarding grammar
i am very much obliged that u have given some time for me . once again thanks for ur help.
can i have ur e-mail address so that i will be in contact with u .
thanks a lot
bye !

Postby icedove » Mon Dec 22, 2003 6:13 am

I like learning English when it was intruduced to me first. I want to speak a perfect English. But i find it was difficult. Because i practise not as much as i can.I can frightened when i communicae with others. How can i do?I NEED your advice.

Postby Pirate » Thu Jan 15, 2004 6:24 am

Dear friends,

In my opinion, all skills in learning English have the mutual relation.

If u wanna be a perfect English speaker, u should also give time for listening. When u listen to native speakers say, u naturally want to imitate them. The more u listen, the better and more correct ur sentence stress and pronunciation u have. Then u have to practise speaking. If u feel shy, speak to urself with a mirror. But i think u should join an English speaking club/class. Then maybe u will discover that u r better than u think and it will give u more self-confidence. One way of practising speaking tip that i got from my Australian teacher is using a cassette or recorder, which can record ur speaking. Then Prepare a speech and say it as if u were standing in front of audience.

If u want to write better, first u need to read, as much as possible, to catch and absorb the English/American thinking in articles. Then join Talking Point, the forums here in this site is a good place 4 u to write out ur thoughts.

Best wishes all :)
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