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What can be done about football hooliganism?

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Postby leen@rasel » Sat Jun 18, 2005 3:15 pm

well this is for sure a big problem and i think that the governments are trying thier best in terms of security but the media must play a big rule in making these groups aware that this is JUST A GAME and that these violent actions will lead them to death some times :x irealy think that some of those people have mental problems and this should be put in mind
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Postby Coolfish » Wed Jun 29, 2005 2:25 am

I like soccer. It's a kind of sport which could make people very excited.
But I think football hooliganism is for sure a real problem, too. In some country, such as England, it is especially remarkable, whereas other countries do have, but much less remarkable. I think these countries should find the real problem under the surface, and what makes football hooliganism to be so violent in your regions ?
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Postby Etore » Wed Jun 29, 2005 2:20 pm

In my opinion, hard punishment is the way to stop them.
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