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Make war not love?

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Make war not love?

Postby TalkingPoint » Tue Aug 05, 2003 4:53 pm

Make war not love? Is it justifiable for a country to go to war to change a regime that is politically contrary to its own or allegedly unjust?
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Postby meeli » Wed Aug 13, 2003 7:33 am

I think it is justiable :o
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Postby kid19826 » Wed Sep 24, 2003 2:12 am

I don"t agree with this point of view. You don't know for sure what is the real purpose ot a country when they say that they want to bring freedom to other. oh they are telling lies. :?:

Re: Make War not Love?

Postby vivina » Wed Sep 24, 2003 7:41 pm

Nothing justify a war.

Talking Point wrote:Make War not Love?

Do you think that it is justifiable for a country to go to war in order to free another country from a regime that is allegedly unjust or politically contrary to it own?
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Make war not love

Postby member-eclub » Sat Oct 04, 2003 9:08 am

Make war not love? But why? War always brings sorrows and death, fear and dearth. Do you want to see that sight? After a war, many many people are disabled and die, the fright covers everywhere. War is so cruel and stern. People who make war are so selfish.Surely we can solve every problem without war. without force . All things we need are love and sympathy. Why don't we do that?

war not love

Postby a_rahimi43 » Sun Oct 05, 2003 11:51 am

i think that it,s not jusifable. it,s non of anaother bussiness to solve problem of other people, especial inner problems.peoples of each country must solve their problem by theirself. other countries must,nt interfer to another countries affairs.

Postby Guest » Fri Oct 24, 2003 5:57 am

War isn´t the answer to a problem, it´s making problems!!!!!

Postby Monique » Fri Oct 24, 2003 7:06 am

We have a long history full with war - but nobody learns about this. Why? War only brings sadness. So love is the only answer. :P

Postby Petra » Fri Oct 24, 2003 7:13 am

I think that war isn´t th right way. We had many wars in the last centuries
and all of them have only brougth death and demolition. I think that love wouldl be more successfully.


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