Are exams a waste of time?

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Re: Are exams a waste of time?

Postby denvinbo » Thu Jul 24, 2008 2:02 am

Koala wrote:I don't think so. An exam help us check how much we've learned, how much knowledge we've got and how much we haven't. In other hand, if hadn't exams, would we spend time to review our lessons? especially lessons in subjects we don't like. In fact, all subjects are useful this way or that way but we only focus on what we like.

It's my opinion, too.....And 1 advice, you can focus on your favorite, but never forget the other subjects, you have to average them.... :-)
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Postby Krisi » Sun Nov 08, 2015 12:08 am

Krisi wrote:Definitely not!
Exams are for teachers, students and the parents of course.
An exam is one way of testing students' achievements.
Exams are for the students to assess themselves if they have done well or not.
An exam is a teachers' tool to know the level, and performance of each student. Also for the teachers to know if their (teachers') approach is effective to each of the student.
An exam is a device to inculcate to the students' mind what they have learned.
Exams are used for the parents to know if their children are attending their classes or not. And also an alarm for the parents if their children are learning or not.
I am focusing in schools only, how much more in other fields.
Exams are beneficial to all. How could it be a waste of time?

It is not a waste of time.

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