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How should the problem of piracy be dealt with?

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Re: How should the problem of piracy be dealt with?

Postby halfknot » Wed Dec 09, 2009 2:28 pm

There's no way to stop the sea piracy. No one can stop someone to buy a boat and sail the seas unless he already killed someone. So they can be punished only after they did the injustice (or at the same time, but more rarely). A way to reduce them is to oversee the seas more carefully which is pretty hard as there's a lot of water. And also, a drastic punishemnt for the ones caught maybe will frighten the rest of free pirates. Ok, no one will get scared, they already know their job isn't the safest one.
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Re: How should the problem of piracy be dealt with?

Postby dimorphic » Mon Dec 28, 2009 10:44 pm

Piracy, on water, is our species regulating itself, in a habitat that is not our own. You can make piracy meaningless by no longer going there (the sea).

Obvious reply: What about the people whose lives depend on fishing?

This 'need' confirms that we have overpopulated the planet; and respectively, confirms the 'need' for piracy and war.

Everyone is doing exactly what they need to do. Why would we want to stop them from doing what they need? They came to earth, to this body, for the purpose of learning exactly what their life as a pirate will teach them. We must feel compassion for them; they will never reach awakening this way. Likewise, we must feel compassion for their victims; but also realize that they too- had a lesson to learn.
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