What is a top-level domain? What are the gTLDs?

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What is a top-level domain? What are the gTLDs?

Postby EC » Sun Sep 19, 2004 9:14 am

What is a top-level domain?

A top-level domain is the last part of a domain name. In englishclub.com, .com is the top-level domain. In englishclub.org.uk, .uk is the top-level domain.

What are the generic top-level domains?

The multi-letter top-level domains (like .com, .net, .org ) are called generic top-level domains (gTLDs).
    .aero Air-transport industry
    .biz Business
    .com COMmercial
    .coop COOPeratives
    .edu US EDUcational institutions
    .gov US GOVernment
    .info INFOrmation
    .int Official INTernational organizations
    .mil US MILitary
    .museum MUSEUMs
    .name Individuals
    .net NETwork
    .org ORGanizations
    .pro PROfessionals

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