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Terrorism threatens the free world

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who is guily for unleashing terror

arab culture
ben laden and other terrorst's leaders (only)
western world
all humanity
no one
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Terrorism threatens the free world

Postby Monster » Sat Apr 10, 2004 1:20 pm

Hi everybody
I know this subject sounds rather offensive, but it is true. It is only arabs-muslim terrorists are blowed up all over the world, killing thouthends innoncent people , which islamic fanitics claimed the enemies of arab countries. These terracts may continue for a very long time, because there is no solution to this problem. All countries have armies and weapons in order to fight against organized enemy's army but not with suicide bombers. It means the modern world has no means for fightening terror... :!:
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Don't let hatred blind you

Postby Arkhan » Sun Apr 11, 2004 1:14 am

This is an invitation to everyone:


First of all I want to clarify something a lot of people don't know about. Suicide is forbidden in Islam. :arrow: Don't try arguing with me about that. :arrow: Islam is MY religion. :arrow: You don't know anything about it, so, you have no right to jump to any conclusions just because you feel like arguing. :arrow: Try to find the truth yourself, :arrow: and try for once to consider other people's points of view. :arrow: That's all I'm asking.

I don't deny that some Muslims do became suicide bombers, but have you really wondered about the real reason behind that :?: :!:

I'll tell you why. :arrow: suicide bombers are people who have had enough oppression.
Would you tolerate it if you saw other human beings being oppressed and deprived of their rights to live, to feel safe and to be able to dream of tomorrow :?: would you tolerate it if you knew that they were oppressed only because they follow the same religion as you do :?: Would you tolerate it if these things were done to someone close to you :?: :!: If you can tolerate these things, others can't, and won't just sit around and enjoy watching what's happening, like the rest of the world is doing.

I'm NOT justifying what suicide bombers do, I'm just telling you that oppression is the real cause of the increasing numbers of suicide bombers.

Suicide bombers are people who have lost the will to live. If their loved ones have been killed, and their homes have been destroyed, can they be blamed if they wondered why should they keep on living, :arrow: what for :?: :!:

Usually, people commit suicide when their frustration reaches its final limits. The difference here is that suicide bombers want everybody to know who led them to committing suicide. They want their death to be some kind of a message directed to certain people, but would those certain people get it :?: No, they don't, :arrow: they ignore it. And what happens next :?: Another frustrated person tries to send this message his own way, and hatred increases.

A suicide bomber is usually a person who lost every hope in life, and who have lost someone ( or maybe ) everyone and everything he used to call (dear ). So he is unconsciously led to the belief that since he has gone through all that and no one bothered, then it must be normal. So, to him, it would also seem normal to force someone else into sharing his painful experience of losing someone dear.

I'm NOT defending suicide bombers. In fact, what they're doing is a crime against humanity and against them, themselves. On the other hand, the things that led them to committing suicide should also be considered a crime against humanity.

What I'm trying to say is that what turns normal people into suicide bombers is the absence of justice. I can only hope that a day would come when people learn how to apply justice to every human being regardless of their nation and religion.

If the world would agree on fighting a war against oppression of all kinds, there would be no need for a war against terrorism, don't you agree :?:
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Re: arab's terror threats the free world

Postby Mandy2 » Sun Apr 11, 2004 11:16 am

[quote="Monster"] it is only arabs-muslim terrorists are blowed up all over the world, killing thouthend innonsent people quote]

This statement is not correct. It is true that there are terrorists who are Arabs/Muslims BUT they are NOT THE ONLY ones. There ARE terrorists from other countries. It would be wrong to blame only Arabs/Muslims.

One example that there are many other terrorist groups, is the ETA (Euskadi Ta Askatasuna) in Spain. The group's aim is the creation of an independent homeland in Spain's Basque region. Their terrorist activities include the derail of a train transporting politicians and army veterans, assassinations, extortions, kidnappings and bombings (car bombs, ...).
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Postby Ms.A.Z » Sun Apr 11, 2004 4:44 pm

hi monster

first of all i really didnt like ur topic at all..it was really offensive
i just dont understand why it was not deleted yet !

i know not all arab muslims r 100 % r born to be good people..okey..yes they r few groups of people ..monsters infact..not arabs not muslims not arab muslims ..who kill people ..those people must be punished for killing and for destroying muslims reputation..... but that dose not mean that u have the right to blame all arab muslims boz of those people's mistake okey...our religion islam ( if u heard of it) which i am sure u dont know any thing about it ..DIDNT told us to kill people or even animals or plants...infact it discourages wars and wants only peace ..i dont know what is ur religion but i am sure u wont be happy if any one said somthing like what u said about muslims..rest i think ur smart enough to understand what iam trying to say here okey.. bye
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Postby suhana » Mon Apr 12, 2004 2:34 am

please, don't let your prejudice or misunderstanding influence your clear mind. :?
Books are friends that never fail me...
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Postby Mandy2 » Mon Apr 12, 2004 11:42 am

I'm sure it's okay to discuss this topic in a respectful way, but we should try to avoid generalizations. No matter what the subject is, it's not a whole population, not a whole country and not a whole religion to blame. There are good and bad people in every society and it would be wrong and unfair to lump them all together.

Sometimes there seem to be problems in the media with generalizations. I'll give an example.
After September 11th there was an immediate association of terrorism with Islam. But we have to consider one important thing. Although the media is portraying Islam sometimes as the perpetrator, religions do not commit acts of terror, people do! If one person (who's religion is for example Islam) commits a terrorist attack, we should NOT blame the whole religion and not blame the whole country where the terrorist came from.
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Arabs terrors threats the free world

Postby mona » Fri Apr 23, 2004 12:07 pm

..My dear fellow ur completely wrong in your judgment ..the only terror in this world is the only occopation ..for God sake ..all nations are free and you asking them to keep thier mouths shut ..to eat and drink like animals while thier lands are taken , while thier school are stolen and destryoed by bombs ..what kind of terror that palastininas are ..and what do u call the Zionism ..dont make a joke and tell me they r a peace claimers ..coz the peace claimers never occupy others lands and kill its civilians and destroy its biuldings ..what can hurling stones do in opposites to boms and misiles ? come to palastine then talk about Arabs terror ..dont just throw words on the net and speaks a thing you dont know about ..u speak whats the politics media wanted you to speak ..that Arabsa are terrorists ..what about the Zionims ..USA ..and the Hersque when they killed nearly millions ..what do u call all of them ...ya i know ur answers ..they are a terror fighters ..No my friend ..go and meet the reality ..see within your eyes and hear by your ears ..dont listen to the false media ..and be a logical person
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Postby AnatolianTiger » Sat Apr 24, 2004 3:13 pm

first you said that they kill innocent people
zionist : innocent?
the funniest thing i've ever heard
islam is peace
our Prophet did not fight against any till they did fitnah (took the scarf of a mosleemah off & killed the moslem objecting to them)
& now zionists are doing the worst fitnah by killing little kids
& suicide bombers wanna protect their people & country
is the invaded country wrong & the invader right, NO.
see http://www.inminds.com
i saw, in that site, the pictures of the jews uniting with moslems & protesting against Zionists.

What is Islam?

Islam is peace Islam is ease,
Islam's not danger or disease

Islam is love and prosperity
Islam's not hatred or adversity

Islam is salvation through repentance
Islam has love for all in abundance

Islam means no harm or affliction
Islam implores you with affection

Islam is neither maze nor craze
Islam is giving Allah all praise

Islam is acing through the race
Islam will be on everyone's face

Islam is worshipping only the Creator
Islam's not mere numbers on a calculator

Islam gives you power when you surrender
Islam's not a terrorist or for a pretender

Islam is patience and perseverance
Islam eases your vengeance through tolerance.

Islam is life for all eternity
Islam gives you respect, moreover dignity

Islam is winning hearts through honesty
Islam is giving openly in charity

Islam makes you wholesome and trustworthy
Islam is in wealth as well as in poverty

Islam is your shield against all evil
Islam is for your soul's retrieval

Islam not fundamentalism or fanaticism
Islam's not nationalism or racism

Wake up, people, Islam is here
Islam is here, so have no fear. :)

ma salama 8)
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arab's terror

Postby Monster » Fri Apr 30, 2004 7:57 pm

Hello everybody
Thank you all for your replies. I see most of you are nice folks. Unfortunally, I compelled to ask you one more time. I just have not got the answer still. I do not know why, by what reasons you try not to see this question, I guess it is too hard to reply correctly this. AND NOW ATTENTION! THE QUESTION IS: WHY TO BIN LADEN ARE SO MANY ADHERENTS IN THE ARAB WORLD(I know what you wrote me about bin laden/Hussein ) WHY MOST(99%) TERRORISTS ARE ARABS WHICH WORSHIPPED TO ISLAM. AND WHY ARAB'S LEADERS DO NOTHING TO FIGHT TERROR THAT SPREADSSO FAST IN THEIR COUNTRIES. :?: :?: :?:
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Postby AnatolianTiger » Fri Apr 30, 2004 8:38 pm

you are most welcome
I compelled to ask you one more time my most fearful question

nice question. but i see you do not understand us.

Firstly we do not worship to islam. we worship to Allah.
secondly noone loves bin laden.
there is a saying of the Prophet meaning of which is "one is with his beloved one". if you love someone you are with him. the one loving (the terrorism of) bin laden is/will be with him (if he is aware of his doings).
i say do not believe in media in your country as it belongs to the zionists.
and how you concluded the 99%. LOL. it should be 01%. you say why most terrorists are arab. :shock: who is terrorist? i just see saddam and laden. :lol: (i said they are zionists. & im not sure whether they are arab either). if they were attached to their nationalities they wouldn't have killed their citizens.
& do not forget racism is against islam.
you say arabs do nothing to fight with terror. what is Hamas doing? they are fighting against the real terror. see http://www.inminds.co.uk
& do me a favor. do not write anything iwith capital letter. (i suppose you do not know it means you are shouting)
anyway take care. and no question upon this. we did nothing but answer your question.
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