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Homeland seiries

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Homeland seiries

Postby asgharloo » Mon Mar 11, 2013 1:59 pm

Hello , I'm currently seeing Homeland series, it is very impressing series in regard of directing , and in particular the screen play is excellent .
But in the regard of context is very insulting movie against to Muslim.
The series related to a marine that captured in Iraq by Sadam Hossein soldiers and was given to Alaghaede . the marine (sergeant Borodi ) tortured by Alghaedeh and when he has been broken mentally the Alghaede commander(Abounazir) released him and treat him properly. Abounazir
let him to take shower and provide him proper food .
He was influenced by Abounazir and turned to Islam and brainwashed by Abounazir.
Abounzair make a deceiving war with US soldier and let them they find sergeant Borodi.
and Sergeant Brodi has been taken to US and he is consider as a hero by American , but in fact he is working for Alghaedeh.
I say that the screen play and story is wonderful but the thing that's so insulting is that the film shows a dirty picture from Muslim and this is not a fare.
All Muslims are not Alghaedeh or Tabilban , so the movie in this respect is so insulting and irritating.
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Re: Homeland seiries

Postby RyanSmith » Tue Mar 19, 2013 6:00 am

I have only watched first season of Homeland tv show and this show is too good. Episode eight of this show is too good. I love this episode than any other episode of this show.
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