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How can I sleep well

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Re: How can I sleep well

Postby mathews » Thu Aug 27, 2009 5:49 am

Hi all
Here I want to share some new tricks which will help to you.
• Sleep only when sleepy
• If you can't fall asleep within 20 minutes, get up and do something boring until you feel sleepy
• Don't take naps
• Get up and go to bed the same time every day
• Refrain from exercise at least 4 hours before bedtime
• Develop sleep rituals
• Only use your bed for sleeping
• Stay away from caffeine, nicotine and alcohol at least 4-6 hours before bed
• Have a light snack before bed
• Take a hot bath 90 minutes before bedtime
• Make sure your bed and bedroom are quiet and comfortable
• Use sunlight to set your biological clock
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Re: How can I sleep well

Postby sweethuman » Tue May 17, 2011 5:57 am

Actually if one night you dont want to sleep and wake up till so then try to wake up early in the morning and make a routine for yourself. It will help you sleep early the next night and you keep the same routine.
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