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Postby EC » Fri Jul 22, 2005 6:48 pm

Forum Rules

Forum users are expected to respect these rules. Topics or posts that do not respect these rules will be deleted without warning. Accounts of users who do not respect these rules will be terminated.

1. Write only in English.

2. After you register, you should add at least one post. Accounts of registered users who have no posts may be removed without notice.

3. Respect the decision of moderators. If your post is deleted or edited by a moderator do NOT make more posts questioning or abusing that moderator. A moderator's decision is final. Do not send offensive Private Messages or email to moderators or other users. Offenders' accounts will be terminated immediately.

4. Be polite to other members.

5. Do not use bad language.

6. Do not use more than one username.

7. Do not post commercial advertisements.

8. Do not post images.*

9. New Topics: Start new Topics in the appropriate Forum. If there is no Forum for your Topic, post it in the General Discussion Forum. Give your Topic a meaningful subject line (something that describes your Topic). Topics in the wrong forum will be moved or deleted. Topics with meaningless subject lines will be deleted.

10. Posts: Do not add off-topic Posts. Make sure your post is about the Topic in hand. Do not add meaningless Posts with no words and just a few exclamation marks or smilies. Off-topic Posts and meaningless Posts will be deleted.

This Forums Board is for sensible discussion in English of various topics. It is not intended for personal chat. For personal chat, use the Chat Room, email, MSN etc.

Opinions of individual posters in these forums do not necessarily reflect the views of EnglishClub.com.

By observing these Rules you help make the Forums interesting and helpful for all users.

* You can, however, create a link to another web page that shows the image you want to share. This link should be to a page (.htm etc), not direct to an image (.gif or .jpg).

By using this Web Site you agree to be bound by our Terms of Use.
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