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Like to be an EnglishClub.com Volunteer Moderator?

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Like to be an EnglishClub.com Volunteer Moderator?

Postby Josef » Mon Jul 12, 2010 8:05 pm

Like to be an EnglishClub.com Volunteer Moderator?

Membership at EnglishClub.com continues to grow each and every day. Thank you for inviting your friends, family members, colleagues, students and teachers to become part of this community. In order to keep this site friendly, welcoming and centred on English learning, we need your help! We are looking for dedicated members who are willing to volunteer a bit of time each week to help moderate activity in chatrooms, forums, blogs and groups etc. Moderators keep their eyes open for spam, abuse and unlawful behaviour such as plagiarism. They may or may not remain involved in the community. These members also report technical problems and can act as good role models for the community. This may include leaving encouraging comments and posting interesting and original content on a regular basis. If you are passionate about EnglishClub.com's community and are interested in becoming an official moderator, please review the requirements and consider filling out an application.
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