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My part for environmental protection

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My part for environmental protection

Postby Highbrow » Wed Nov 28, 2012 9:51 pm

As far as you are concerned, what steps do you take to help protect the environment? What are they?

Are you ready to take action against pollution and to protect the environment ? How?

It would be much appreciated if you could give me your tips.

Thank you very much in advance.


I regard environment as a matter of great significance to me. That's why everyone should consider a bit closer how important this is for the future. On top of this, against this background, everyone can do something for the environment.
I'm well aware of the fact that our planet is a very fragile place as it can easily be polluted by day-to-day human activities or habits. Our world we are leaving in it is at stake so we should respect it but my point is : "Why are so many people destroying this good living place as we know it today?", "What can we do"?

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Re: My part for environmental protection

Postby solzen » Sat Jun 22, 2013 12:11 am

Everyone should recycle and not litter. Many states in the U.S. have penalties for littering, but they're too hard to enforce }: I hate seeing streets and sidewalks lined with garbage!
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