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Train Tunnel

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Train Tunnel

Postby Unknownsu » Wed Apr 06, 2005 4:21 am

In a train there was a Canadian, an American, a spectacular looking blonde and a frightfully awful looking fat lady.

The train happens to pass through a dark tunnel, and the unmistakable sound of a slap is heard.

When they leave the tunnel, the American had a big red slap mark on his cheek.

** The blonde thought - "That American son of a bitch wanted to touch me and by mistake, he must have put his hand on the fat lady, who in turn must have slapped his face"

** The fat lady thought - "That dirty old American must have laid his hands on the blond and she smacked him"

** The American thought - "That damn Canadian put his hand on that blond and by mistake she slapped me"

** The Canadian thought - "I hope there's another tunnel soon so I can smack that stupid American again"
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Postby shokin » Wed Apr 06, 2005 4:29 am

:lol: :lol:

I did know this one (in french, exactly the same).

:mrgreen: :mrgreen:

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Postby RedRose » Wed Apr 06, 2005 9:00 am

Jimmy always dreams slapping Americans :mrgreen:

Postby amoolah » Wed Apr 06, 2005 9:26 am

hyyyy good one :lol: :lol: :lol:
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Postby Dixie » Wed Apr 06, 2005 10:59 am

Hahaha there are many different versions of that joke, with different nationalities! :D
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Postby idalia » Wed Apr 06, 2005 11:57 pm

Really good :R: In Mexico we have our own version of that joke and of course a mexican man is in it.

;) ;) ;) ;)
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Postby Lalee » Fri Apr 08, 2005 5:30 pm

Why do Canadians hate so much Americans? :roll:
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Re: Train Tunnel

Postby sweethuman » Sun Jul 24, 2011 10:54 am

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