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Postby CheckThisOut » Sun Nov 02, 2003 9:33 pm

Evidence of Explosives In The World Trade Center Twin Tower Collapses.

The evidence that the World Trade Center towers were demolished is compelling. Photographs of explosives detonating during the collapse of both the north and south towers are presented below. They are taken from two (publicly available) videos of the collapses. Each frame has been numbered by its position in the video. Both videos were filmed at 30 frames per second, so an eight frame interval covers about one quarter of a second.

The most remarkable aspect of the World Trade Center towers demolition, is that such obvious evidence of the use of explosives, has been completely ignored by the media. This refusal to report the obvious, clearly illustrates that the "free press" is free, only in name, and anything but free in reality.

That such obvious evidence of explosives has remained "hidden in full view" approaches the unbelievable.

The South Tower.

The video evidence that the World Trade Center towers were demolished is indeed compelling. Consider the following frames which show two distinct lines of explosives detonating across the east face of the south tower.


Frame 147 shows a row of explosives detonating right across the east face at the 79th floor.
Frame 203 shows a row of explosives detonating right across the east face at the 75th floor.

The middle photos show the dust cloud from the explosions outlined in red.

The end photos show the relative positions of the two lines of dust and debris.

It has been claimed that the explosions of dust that span the east face of the tower, were caused by air being forced from the windows as the floors above collapsed. This explanation is obviously incorrect. If it was correct, such lines of dust would have been expelled from the windows of each floor in succession. That is, we would have seen such lines of dust expelled from floors 79, 78, 77, 76 and 75 in succession, but what we observe is an explosion of dust at floor 79, no new clouds of dust for a few floors, then another (larger) explosion of dust at floor 75.

The second line of explosives is much more powerful than the first, but the dust cloud from the first line of explosives, and the dust and debris from the upper floor collapse, initially obscure this.

The dust due to the visible explosions is a whitish grey. The dust from the demolition of the upper section (which is disintegrating as it falls) is dark grey. One wonders what caused this difference.


In the video, it is clear that the top 30 or so floors have snapped off and are toppling eastward. In the above frames, we follow the north-east corner of the tower as this 30 floor section descends. Using the north-east corner as a reference, I have outlined in red, the progress of this 30 floor section as it descends.

The first thing to note, is that the top section itself must be disintegrating, otherwise (as the above frames show) the top section would have extended far into parts of the building that are clearly, as yet, unaffected by the collapse.

But what could possibly cause the top section to disintegrate? And in fact, what could possibly cause the top section to almost entirely disintegrate, before the lower section begins to collapse?

You have to realize that most of the top section had not been affected by the aircraft strike or fires and was thus still the same immensely strong structure that had supported the building for some 30 years. If this section was going to fall at all, this section would fall as one piece (like a tree in the forest). Unless, of course, this section had been laced with explosives and was undergoing a controlled demolition of its own, just a few moments before the lower part of the building was demolished.


The North Tower.


In the following set of frames showing the North Tower collapse, pay close attention to the horizontal explosions of dust and debris that occur just above the red line marked on the above photograph.


Once again, note that the second layer of explosions is much more powerful than the first and that the dust cloud from the first initially obscures that of the second. Also, note the large orange areas of hot gas from the explosions. Recall, that this was about two hours after the aircraft struck the building, so there would be essentially no flammable material left on the floors from which the flash emanates (as the fire would have already consumed it all).

Note that the horizontal explosions of dust on the leftmost side of the tower are already visible and expanding in the first frame. These continue their expansion through frame nine and subsequent frames. Similarly, explosions of dust become apparent across the entire width of both (visible) faces of the tower, however, between frames 001 and 009 the television mast on top of the tower makes no downward movement at all. This shows that the horizontal explosions of dust and debris precede the collapse and thus cannot be the cause of it (in fact, it is these explosions that initiate the collapse).


That the horizontal explosions of dust precede the collapse is vividly expressed by the above animated graphic which alternates the first and ninth frames. This clearly shows that the explosions of dust were not caused by air being forced from the windows as the floors above collapsed (this was a ridiculous assertion anyway).

Since the visible evidence points to only two layers of explosives per tower, one has to conclude that the aircraft were directed to hit particular floors (possibly by homing beacons in the towers). This would also explain the total lack of solid evidence for the "Arab hijackers" hypothesis (there was however, a quantity of laughable, obviously manufactured evidence, indicating that this was an attempt to frame the Arabs).

Of course the visible explosions (or at least their dust clouds) are only part of the story, as the main weight supporting columns in the central core also had to be weakened before the towers would collapse in the way they did. But what is visible, is more than enough evidence, to conclude that the towers were deliberately demolished.


The above animated graphic alternates the first and 67th frames. It shows a classic controlled demolition of a 12 story building (the top 12 stories of the North Tower). Strange how the roofline collapses so evenly, I guess, that all the central core columns and all the perimeter wall columns collapsed simultaneously. Some coincidence eh?

The first line of explosives detonated across the 98th floor (where the collapse began). The second line of detonations occurred across the 92nd floor (just above the lower red line) with large flashes of hot gas from the explosions, clearly visible. Initially, the second line's detonation is obscured by the dust cloud of the first. However, being much more powerful detonations, the second line's dust cloud quickly bursts into view.

A close look at the video/photos shows that the collapse begins at the 98th floor, then the 99th floor collapses onto the 98th, then the 100th floor collapses onto the 98th, then the 101th floor collapses onto the 98th, then the 102th floor collapses onto the 98th, etc until the second line of detonations initiates the final collapse. So once again, we have the disintegration of the tower above the impact floors, before the collapse of the tower below the impact floors.

Interestingly, this observation disproves the so called pancake theory, where one floor collapses onto the next lower floor, causing that floor to also collapse (not that the pancake theory made any sense anyway). Here, what we see is 5 or 6 floors in a row, all falling onto the 98th floor, which does not collapse (until the second line of explosives are detonated, taking out its support). The pancake theory would have the 98th floor collapsing onto the 97th, causing that to collapse onto the 96th, causing that to collapse onto the 95th, etc.

These very strange circumstances, mentioned above, have a very simple explanation: The twin towers were deliberately demolished. Occam's razor, suggests that the simplest explanation, a deliberate demolition, is probably also the correct explanation.

The original north tower collapse video can be found here (0.8 MB).
The original south tower collapse video can be found here (1.7 MB).
An animated-gif from the video of the north tower collapse can be found here (0.9 MB).
An animated-gif from the video of the south tower collapse can be found here (2.2 MB).

To play the videos you need to download 3ivx. 3ivx is a plug-in for Windows Media Player and QuickTime. It enables the playing of DivX 3.x, 4.x, 5.x, OpenDivX, XviD, FFMpeg, AngelPotion, SMR, Philips MPEG-4, Apple MPEG-4, MS-MPEG-4v3, 3ivx D3, D3.5 and 4, RealMagic MPEG-4, Sorenson MPEG-4, Blizzard MPEG-4 and other MPEG-4 variants and the encoding of high quality MPEG-4 video. So, it is a must for your system. It can be downloaded from http://www.3ivx.com/download

911 links

Postby CheckThisOut » Sun Nov 02, 2003 9:34 pm

LIST OF ARTICLES from http://members.fortunecity.com/911/

September the Eleventh 2001.

The World Trade Center.

In a Perfect World.
Evidence of Explosives in the World Trade Center Towers collapse (0.7 MB).
Why did the World Trade Center Towers Fall? A Review of Thomas Eagar's (of MIT) Article (0.7 MB).
Collapse of the World Trade Center Towers. A Review of Charles Clifton's Article (0.7 MB).
The Jet Fuel; How hot did it heat the World Trade Center?
Proof the Twin Towers were Deliberately Demolished.
The FEMA Report into the World Trade Center 7 Collapse is a Total Joke.
Multi-Storey Buildings in Steel: The World Trade Center (0.4 MB).
Some Articles from Engineering News Record (0.8 MB).
Comments on the World Trade Center Demolition (0.4 MB).
Microsoft Software used to simulate the crash of a Boeing 747 into the World Trade Center.
University of California, Berkeley Professor, Abolhassan Astaneh-Asl Testifies.
The World Trade Center 7 Explosion Myth.
The World Trade Center Towers collapse as an Enormous Insurance Scam.
What went wrong with the investigation? By Eric Hufschmid (with comment).
Sixty State Street and the World Trade Center towers: A Comparison (0.7 MB).

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Reports on the World Trade Center disaster.

Table Of Contents for the FEMA World Trade Center Report.
Chapter 1 of the FEMA WTC Report: Introduction (with comment) (0.9 MB).
Chapter 2 of the FEMA WTC Report: The Twin Towers (with comment) (2.2 MB).
Chapter 3 of the FEMA WTC Report: WTC 3 (0.4 MB).
Chapter 4 of the FEMA WTC Report: WTC 4, 5, and 6 (1.2 MB).
Chapter 5 of the FEMA WTC Report: World Trade Center Seven (with comment) (1.3 MB).
Chapter 6 of the FEMA WTC Report: Bankers Trust Building (0.6 MB).
Chapter 7 of the FEMA WTC Report: Peripheral Buildings (0.8 MB).
Appendix A of the FEMA WTC Report: Overview of Fire Protection in Buildings (0.5 MB).
Appendix B of the FEMA WTC Report: Structural Steel and Steel Connections (0.6 MB).
Appendix D of the FEMA WTC Report: WTC Steel Data Collection (0.8 MB).
The FEMA World Trade Center Collection in PDF-document format.

The Fires.

Research Results from the Cardington Test Fires (text only).
A New Approach to Multi-Storey Steel Framed Buildings Fire and Steel Construction (0.8 MB).
The Behaviour of Multi-storey Composite Steel Framed Structures in Response to Compartment Fires (1.0 MB).
The Cardington Tests and the Broadgate Fire.
Tapes Tell of Firefighters Courage at WTC.
The Cardington Reports in PDF-document format.

The Pentagon.

A Detailed Analysis of whether or not a Boeing 757 hit the Pentagon (1.5 MB).
Photos of Flight 77 crashing into the Pentagon are a Complete and Utter Fabrication (0.5 MB).
The Bijlmer Crash - Joe Vialls - Caught in a Lie (0.5 MB).
Carol A. Valentine Article Completely Wrong.
The Strange Case of the Sports Utility Vehicle at the Pentagon.
How the Size of the Plane in the "Explosion" Photo was Calculated.
The Essence of the Problem.
Article on the Pentagon Retrofit.

The Response, Or Rather, Lack Of It.

District of Columbia Air National Guard Mission And Vision Statement.
New Jersey Air National Guard Mission Statement.
An example of Air National Guard efficency.
Where was NORAD on September Eleven?


Evidence that the Arabs are Not to blame for the WTC attack.
Seismic Waves Generated by Aircraft Impacts and Building Collapses at the WTC (0.3 MB).
Seismic Observations During the September 11, 2001, Terrorist Attack (0.5 MB).
Many 9-11 "Hijackers" are Still Alive and Well.
Israelis arrested on suspicion of 9-11 involvement.
Sept 11th - Unanswered Questions By MalcontentX (0.3 MB).
Investigation shows Cellphone Calls from 9-11 "Hijacked" Planes are next to Impossible
Benjamin Freedman Predicted the Present Push for WWW III in 1961, prescient eh?


Some Facts About Palestine.
Listing and Map of Land Ownership in Palestine in 1947.
Listing and Map of Towns and Villages Ethnically Cleansed/Destroyed by the Jews.
More on the Towns and Villages Ethnically Cleansed/Destroyed by the Jews (0.5 MB).
Time line of the Israeli aggression against the Palestinians in the 1948 war.
Jewish/Israeli massacres of Palestinians and Jewish Terrorism in general.
Brief articles on the 1948, 1956 and 1967 wars started by Israel.
Brief article on the Israeli attempt to ignite a civil war in Lebanon.
Arafat calls for democratic elections in the United States.
The Amazing Cost of Israel to the United States
America should fight minorities and aliens the way Israel does!
The Day Israel Deliberately Killed 34 American Sailors.
Brief article on Israeli apartheid.
Israel wins Huge Victory.
Is Israel a Democracy?
Some Israeli War Criminals.
Some articles on the War Criminal Sharon.
The War Criminal Sharon. The Long Version.
The Chinese claim California as a Confucian Homeland.
Time to Bomb Israel for its Development and Deployment of Weapons of Mass Destruction.
God gave the Jews New York.
The Genocidal God of the Jews.
Some Zionist Fairy Tales.
Israel mugs the Palestinians.
Muslims base their claim to Palestine on History.
Jewish Terrorism.
Jewish Terrorism targeting the British.
Online Books about Palestine and the Jews.
What you can do if you care.
Jews Attack Christianity.

Here are some websites which mirror the old nerdcities.com/guardian site (from about January 2003).

http://guardian.911review.org which is a small part of the http://911review.org site.

Here is a website that partially mirrors the most recent edition of the nerdcities.com/guardian site (from September 2003).


Here is some useful information from it.

Download 45 Megabytes of Information Concerning 9-11.

If you like the articles presented on guardian.150m.com then you can download them, and many more like them, by clicking on the following link.
Click here to download the September 11 2003 update of the nerdcities.com/guardian site (45 MB)
Save the archive file guardian11Sep03.tar to a directory on your hard-drive.
We will assume that you have chosen C:\ but any directory will do.
Extract the archive using WinZip, Stuffit or tar -xf to the directory C:\
This will automatically place the contents of the archive into the directory C:\guardian (and sub-directories).

Microsoft users will use WinZip to extract the files.
Linux/Unix users will use the command tar -xf guardian11Sep03.tar and
Apple users will use Stuffit.

Now point your web browser at C:\guardian\index.html.
That is, type C:\guardian\index.html in the address/location bar (where you usually enter a web-sites URL) of Internet Explorer.
This will bring up the main index page (don't forget to bookmark it for easy return). Now just follow the links.

If you wish you can also download a collection of full-sized photos from the MIT report - Sixty State Street - A Case Study.
Click here to download the collection of photos from the MIT report (15 MB)
Thumbnail versions of these photos are already available in the archive guardian11Sep03.tar
Save the archive file sixty-state-street.tar to the same directory that you saved guardian11Sep03.tar
Similarly, extract the archive using WinZip, Stuffit or tar -xf to the directory C:\
This will automatically place the contents of the archive into the directory C:\guardian\sixty-state-street


Postby Interesting » Sun Nov 16, 2003 7:47 am


Postby Guest » Sun Nov 16, 2003 7:57 am

i wonder if this is one person or a group of people posting this garbage. Click Here to see just how much effort is being put into spreading this nonsense. 6 pages of message boards being spammed. looks like a conspiracy to me ;)

... then again, even i can post to 6 pages of message boards ...

Who cares.

Postby Peter » Wed Nov 19, 2003 9:36 pm

i wonder if this is one person or a group of people

Who cares. But people thank you for providing this information.

Postby Guest » Thu Nov 27, 2003 5:07 pm

In the long run, it's more convincing than the info introduced officially. Who knows... Anyway, good as a gossip. :?

Compelling Evidence

Postby Icahnoclast » Thu Dec 04, 2003 11:04 pm

The evidence that the World Trade Center towers were demolished is compelling.

Yes, the evidence is indeed compelling. And anyone this side of the State of Comatose has seen the evidence many times on video. Two aircraft were hijacked by a group of Islamic terrorists and flown into the twin towers. The majority of the hijackers had Saudi Arabian passports and were adherents of the Wahhabi sect (a.k.a. as the Nutcase Sect) of Islam whose doctrine of hatred and intolerance is force-fed to immature minds in Madrasas (financed by the government of Saudi Arabia) throughout the world. Their goal: to return the world to the glories of the seventh century.

The terrorists who perished in the event are now presumably cavorting with their individual allotment of 72 doe-eyed virgins, having themselves been FedExed to Paradise by a grateful Allah. Their families have no doubt been compensated by some rogue state for the courageous deed of having murdered thousands of innocent people who committed the horrific crime of not sharing the terrorists' vision of gloom.

One wonders what the relevance of this post is to a site supposedly dedicated to learning the English language. The poster seems to have done a decent job of mastering English, as well as a passable job of learning the fundamentals of PhotoShop. Perhaps he missed the real story of September 11 because he was closeted somewhere regularizing his irregular verbs or undangling his modifiers.

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