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Tips for Speaking

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Tips for Speaking

Postby Pirate » Sun May 23, 2004 11:13 pm

Hello everyone,

This is one part of the series "Tips for learning English". The series is today created in the sake of collecting and assembling tips which come from English learners. Post your own tips which really work :!: Other members can learn from them, and if necessary we could discuss :idea:

You are in the SPEAKING section 8) .

"Make sure you have finished speaking before your audience has finished listening."
Dorothy Sarnoff

English Speaking lessons: http://www.englishclub.com/speaking/
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Keeper of the Board
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Postby Pirate » Sat Jun 26, 2004 6:42 pm

My Australian teacher of English gave me a way to practise speaking at home, alone and I think it is important because Speaking is the skill that we find most difficult to self-practise.

1- Get a recorder.
2- Prepare a presentation on any topic u like.
3- Record your speaking.
4- Listen to it again and again.
You will find out your mistakes and weak points.
(You will find your voice very cute :mrgreen: )
5- Do the 4 steps above whenever you have time.
Does your speaking get better? :wink:
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Keeper of the Board
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Postby shami » Tue Aug 03, 2004 11:32 am

thanks 4 these advices
i will do them ,for sure.. :wink:
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Postby Arale » Sat Sep 25, 2004 5:39 am

How to get a good speaking skill? It keeps long practise! No one can speak fluently in a flash . It needs time and how long depends on your ability and IQ.

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Some useful tips by me !

Postby Deeya » Fri Oct 15, 2004 12:39 pm

Here are some tips ( by me ).Ive personally done everything mentioned below.It was really a fun and it also helped me improve my conversational skills.I hope you'll find'em very effective :) !

1. :arrow: First you need to make up your mind about how you are going to practise the conversation.Make a flow chart plan or whatever you choose.

2. :arrow: Increase your vocabulary to speak english in a better way.You could take help from web or different books.Explore the web and search with the related keywords.

3. :arrow: Get over your shyness and hesitation.English's a foreign language.It doesn't really matter if we make mistakes during the learning stage. :idea:

4. :arrow: Use the language as often as you can.The more you speak , the faster you will learn.Just dont get hesitated by the
thoughts like " Oh , what if i say sumthing silly while conversing with someone , or pronounce something in a weird or wrong way." What you need to do is kick this thought far away out of you mind.This just doesnt matter.Tell your mind " I can do it , and i will " .

5. :arrow: Find someone who's reallly a whiz at speaking english ( and knows your language too).Be friends with him / her and just get into the conversation forgetting that you're practising this to achieve something.Just feel comfortable like if you are a native-speaker.Be confident while talking to someone in english and look directly into the eyes.Dont look here and there while
saying something or else he'd think you're probably havin' some trouble speaking the language.

6. :arrow: Write short dialogues for everyday situations.Now get a tape recorder.Say the lines you've written in your conversations , the way they should ( according to the situation ).It would seem good enough to make a slight change in your voice when the other character has to speak.Now listen to it again and again.You'd probably find out the silly mistakes , you made , and then the next time , say the lines after correcting the mistakes.At a certain time , you'd surely get the perfect way to communicate with anyone in english.

7. :arrow: Listen to the English news , and other english programmes.This would be a very important listening activity to improve your pronunciation.Watch english movies , especially SHREK 1 and 2.

8. :arrow: Now in order to communicate in english with the perfect expressions , you need to memorize some of your conversations you wrote.Then just go to the washroom or wherever you feel comfortable.Let everyone get out of the room and shut the door.Stand facing the mirror.Take a deep breath and imagine if you're really standing in front of someone who doesn't know your language.Start recalling and say the lines in the correct order with the correct expressions according to that situation.Make it look really natural.Do this once a day , regularly.This would take you even more further to the way of speaking english fluently.

9. :arrow: Ask your friends to help you with this.Prepare some skits using the dialogues made by you.Perform it ( not on the stage ) with some of your friends at home.

10. :arrow: Make DICITONARY your best friend.Means that whenever and whereever you find any word or hear it from
someone , and you think you dont know the meaning , then you need to take your best friend's help.Its just a case of looking it up in your dictionary ( your best friend ).Practise these things more and more and that will definitely get you to the way of success in speaking english and with the perfection !

Hope this works out !!
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Postby thinlion » Wed Oct 20, 2004 9:30 am

thank for about advice of deeya and pirate
I try to them and hope that I'll success :D
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Postby rehamm » Tue Feb 15, 2005 1:11 am

hello everyone how r u :roll:
i m new in this forum and i m fond of learning english language my teacher told me about it that dont feel hasitation that u r right or wrong during speaking and use fillers well ang right more ang more it make ur language more effective ang impressive
:lol: :wink: best wishes for all of you
:wink: creative :wink:
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Postby zhouai » Tue Feb 15, 2005 5:05 am

I am new.I think that we make English friends is one of the best ways.
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to make what you said into a record is a very good idea

Postby jone54 » Tue Mar 08, 2005 4:51 am

:wink: i think that to make what you said into a record is a very good idea for anybody who study oral english alone. i have ever intended to find a good partner to practise my spoken english, but it's hard for me (i think for most of you, it's the same with me),because both of you must have more or less the same lever and many shared time.
thank you very much for your advice . i think i will follow it and work hard. thank you!
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