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Best country to visit

Talk about travel, tourism and your holidays.

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Postby GORK » Wed Jun 15, 2005 12:05 pm

hi I'm from Thailand...and I think Thailand is very interesting country..it has a beautiful scenic, variety of food and more...
When you come, you will get the great expereince.....
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Postby skony » Sun Jul 03, 2005 11:13 am

Visit Russia! :D
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Postby Usama » Tue Jul 05, 2005 3:40 pm

in my opinion Egypt is the best to be visited :D
it really deserves it.(not because it's my country :D )

and that's for me.
i wish i can visit paris :D
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Postby pink_cloud » Tue Jul 12, 2005 1:14 pm

Welcome to Australia, the best choice for you to visit! :D
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hi there....

Postby simplicity » Sat Jul 23, 2005 10:46 pm

have you ever visited Salalah in Oman??

it is really really really nice place ...

I was there two years ago...

*&^^May Allah Be With Us^^&*
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Postby Shazzam » Wed Jul 27, 2005 7:19 am

Being and Australian I won't add that to the list! :lol:

I must admit I'm facinated with Ancient history so if I ever have the money to travel the first place I would go is Egypt. Followed quickly by Greece, Italy, Paris then England (Scotland, Ireland etc).

Then for the rest I would need THE GREEK ISLANDS!! Oh yes this sounds like bliss.

Now all I need is a sponsor or a lottery win!

8) 8) :)
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Of my opinion

Postby waiting4sunny » Wed Jul 27, 2005 1:37 pm

I like Provence. I think that is a beautiful city. I have a beautiful dream in there. I love there.
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Postby illusion » Wed Aug 17, 2005 7:09 pm

I think unlinke most people that best countries to visit are those all forgotten little exotic places not inhabited by people... there is just this certain beauty within it.. not everyone can see it but still it's worth going somwhere unknown just to see what others didn't... but that's just my point of view... :)
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