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One thing I don't like about myself

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Re: One thing I don't like about myself

Postby grapefruit » Tue Feb 07, 2006 4:41 pm


The question : are you guided by the life on the events ? or do you guide your life and the events ?

Think about your goals, your real goals. Are your daily actions orientated to your real goals ?

Do you sleep enought and regularly (always about at the same hours) ?

Each thing at its time. There is a time for each thing. (in your week)
Each thing at its place. There is a place for each thing. (in your room)

It means that you are more effective if you don't do too many things in the same time.

First end that what you have not ended, before beginning new things.

Too many people spend too much time to think about how they should be organized.

The best way to lose time is to do things twice. (Do it at once perfectly.)

If you spend too much time chatting, fix one limit of time, and respect it.

Do your "activities" really bring you something useful ? are you really active (watching tv is not active, and not the best way for resting) ?

Concentrate yourself only in what you are doing. [Each thing at its time.] It is said that non-concentration comes from fear of not controlling the people around, or fear of them looking at you. Actually, there can be many others causes.

Manage the flux of information : take only those which are useful. Each read information takes some place in your unconsciousness, in your daily life. Refuse the advertising (stamp on your letter box), avoid the newsletters. Sometimes (a week-end) make a total order in your room (and in your head) : What will you keep ? does it really bring you anything ?

Otherwise :

avoid smoking and drugs
don't listen too much time music. Even low, it makes us tired.
spend time discussing with friends (not in the virtual life)
good daily nutrition and daily sport

And smile ! :) :o :D 8) :P :mrgreen: :lol:

[quote="illusion wrote:
OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM EXACTLY THE SAME!!!!!!!!!!! OH thank goodness there are people like me!!!!!!!!! OH I thought I was the only one who is such a lazy bum..

OMG ! are all members of ESL forum touched by this problem ? :lol: :shock: :lol:


I think this is really good advice for lot of people. I have ever had the same feel when I feel trouble, sad. Sometimes I don't want to hear anybody and talk to nobody. Just sitting in my room and think about myself. I have thought I was an useless person but I were ever wrong. My parents, my siblings always sit by my side and encourage me a lot, I wonder why I don't know that thing, I was silly when I have ever had thought like that. There're a lot of pp around you who love so much still listen to you and share all the troubles with you. Don't think so serious.
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Re: One thing I don't like about myself

Postby sweethuman » Thu Jun 09, 2011 7:17 am

Very emotional }:
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