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Let's learn together!

Feel free to post here :)

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Re: Let's learn together!

Postby setayesh » Sun Mar 24, 2013 7:34 am

Hiiiiiiiiiiii My Dear Old Friends

I'm a bit late in congratulating Nowrooz to you.so let me say Happy New year to all of you. wishing you all the best in this year.

you are always in my heart,although I rarely write in this beautiful garden.

lots of love

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Re: Let's learn together!

Postby grincas » Sun Mar 24, 2013 9:15 am

Hi to all precious friends in this thread,

Congratulating Nowrooz to you.Wishing you full of healty and peaceful days ....

and I have a question for all. I know what means Nowrooz but I want to know your thoughts about it . What Nowrooz means in your country? How do you celebrate it?I really wonder it, I think that some people in my country don t know what it means and how to celebrate it. That s why I want to satisfy my knowledge.By the way ,ı want to remind my county it is Turkey.

Wish you best...

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Re: Let's learn together!

Postby Mohsen » Sun Mar 24, 2013 2:41 pm

Hi Grincas,
Thank you for your kind message, Nowrooz means new day , it means that winter never remain , it means that if the nature changes , the nature of people should be change.
One of the custom and traditional which people do to decorate their home is Sofreh Haft Seen. Haft Seen in Farsi means seven “S.” and Sofreh is a cloth which is spread on the table or on the floor
The spread must have seven items that in Farsi begin with the letter “s,” specifically the letter “seen.”
1.Somagh (sumac) : symbolizes the color of sunrise
2. Serkeh (vinegar): symbolizes age and patience
3. Senjed (dried fruit from lotus tree): symbolizes love
4. Samanoo (sweet pudding): symbolizes affluence
5. Sabzeh (sprouts): symbolizes rebirth
6. Sib (apple): symbolizes health and beauty
7. Sir (garlic): symbolizes medicine

Additional items that begin with the letter “s” that are commonly seen on the Sofreh are:
Sekkeh (coin): symbolizes wealth and prosperity
Sonbol (hyacinth): a spring spring flower

Other items included but not begin with letter "S"
Mahi (fish): symbolizes life
Tokhmeh Morgh (egg): symbolizes fertility
Sham (candle): symbolizes enlightenment
Shirini (sweets): symbolizes spreading the sweetness
A book of poetry or prayer (Quran)

I never pay attention to Sofreh Haftseen. I don't want to spend my time to these trifling things ,but my wife prepare it and I respect her and follow her.

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Hi Amal Dear

Postby Kamelia » Sun Mar 24, 2013 4:20 pm

How are you dear? How is everything going on with you? Hope it is all perfectly fine :-)
Thank you for the comprehensive post, I really appreciate it. You said:
"To say the truth, sometimes while dealing with people I try to fool myself just to know what they want and think about. And sometimes I just do that to get what I want. {-; "I am not sure that you get me but I hope so!"

Yes dear I do understand you and I have seen people doing this to see what others think about that certain matter.
You said you hate lies in general, I see to reason to ask you why since what I have seen of you during this friendship has all been pure honesty and true speeking of your heart out :-D

You asked me the following questions and now I am trying to be as truthful as you have always been :-D
"what would you do if you intend to joke with someone but that person took it too seriously and thought that your action was "cruel or something" then it became a big deal?! Would you continue joking or would you just simply tell them the truth and that you were joking?"

"Do you believe that we shouldn't joke with every person "even if they were our friends or something"? Should we know their internal personality first then play jokes on them? And do you think that there is a limit for fun or playing jokes on others? "

Actually, I am a humorous person. I feel like joking around when in groupes of friends but not always. Sometimes I joke with my professors, dormitory staff ladies and so on, not too much actually, because you might get kicked out LOL

What you say is quite natural to me. I have got into troubles a great deal but then tried to justify myself since I did not mean to offend them. Mind you, the jokes were not offensive to me at all but as my university is in another part of our country which the accent and culture differs from my own city and my accent does not really match them so...they found my jokes quite dull, you know!

Then I learned a big lesson, do NOT "fool" around everyone! Because sometimes people might seem too smiley and humorous in appreance but in fact they might be too serious-minded to hate you even for the joke you cracked LOOOL

But well, to sum this up, I find jokes and fooling arounds quite fun. There is no reason to harden this life more than it is. You do not live much, so why not try to make a happy world around you and warm other people and yourself up!

What do YOU think? You think I was wrong to laugh with my own roommates and be funny without knowing they culture? :-D

Hope to read from you so soon,

P.S. This is the first time I am using the quoting system so if you find any difficulties in reading my post, please let me know :-)
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Hi Ellie joon

Postby Kamelia » Sun Mar 24, 2013 8:06 pm

How are you doing lovely girl? Happy New Yeaaaaar to you. How is it going there in your city? Your family? Everyone enjoying themselves and so on. You got guests? Are you invited to your relatives' houses? Will you take me too? :-D
I am quite alone this year. I mean I am mostly with family not relatives or friends. Spending time with them since during the year I saw so little of them. I was either studying away in my college or was in library or at home again studying or reading. Did not see much of them LOL

Ellie jo0o0on, not at ALL! Silly? Oh Gosh, damn me! When I said the word I did not mean that YOU produced a silly topic, I meant I had problems writing about them, so the sillyness is mine! LOOL
But I see that you got over it very well. You wrote about butterflies, lovely paragraph! Ellie joon I love them in nature too. Oh and besides butterflies I love lady-birds and dragon-flies. You might find me quite silly on bringing out such interests but...believe it or not I am crazy about them!

Now let's change the subject...oh it is spring and new scents are smelled outdoors, why did I come up with scents? I want to know if Ellie chose a new one :-D come on, tell me if you bought any new perfumes?

Ellieeee, speaking of scents, have you got flowers and trees in the yard? Which ones do you like these days?

Write to me Ellie so soon,

I'll be waitin,
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Hi Mohsen

Postby Kamelia » Sun Mar 24, 2013 8:41 pm

How are you? How is the New-Years-life going on? Busy with guests and parties? Having fun? Or tired of buying groceries for serving guests? :-D

just kidding, hope you are enjoying the holidays with family.

Dear Mohsen, I understand that you wrote your post with a cellphone but the font was, believe me, too hard for such a short-sighted creature like me, to read! So I had to copy it to word and so on. But I read it anyhow :-D

Wow...you wrote of class differences, telephone banks (I hate them too man), headsets and aesthetism! Tell you what, although it fall loaded with topics it was comprehensive! Uh dear friend, complain is always there since most of things are not in their own places. Technology comes, people do not still know how to use it. Tech is there but there is no mannerism for it! No set of rules, it is all NOT TOs! You see?

Oh and aesthetism...you remined me of aesthetic movement, people who tried for it to achieve its real meaning. LOL Still you are reminding me of the lovely times studying for this year's konkur, Gosh! LOL Never mind of it...

Dear Mohsen, what do YOU think, what is it that modern people lack? Manners? Knowledge of beauties? Instructions? Values?

Waiting for your reply,
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Hi Setayesh

Postby Kamelia » Sun Mar 24, 2013 8:49 pm

How are youuuu dear? Long time no see. I actually it has been a very short time that I have "reconciled" with this lovely place place too so..I understand you, been there Setayesh jan! :-D

Happy New Year to you too. Wish you have a wonderful year full of health, happiness and prosperity.

Happy to see your post here,

Write to us soon,
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Patience Is Virtue!

Postby behnam » Mon Mar 25, 2013 4:31 am

Hi Wael & Hi Amal,

How are you? I hope all is going well with you and you are enjoying this lovely weather in this beautiful spring.

I heard that the most famous and effective religious leader who cared about his country and its people has been killed by enemies in a mosque. It was very sad. }: }: }:

Today, I saw in the headlines that the leader of rebels has resigned. This can be a piece of good news, but amazingly, strangely, ridiculously, till now, three countries; America, England, and Qatar has disagreed with his resignation! What does it say and mean? It says and means a lot for understanding people!

The main purpose of this post is not mentioning to some news. Surely, you know such things much better than me. However, as always, I was following the thread and read all posts carefully. Recently, I've found your posts a little bit bumpy! Particularly, I've found Wilzin complainant in his posts! This is not a good way to show sadness. This place is not good to share secrets. As a friend, I want you both to be patient and careful.

Dear Wael, a man should hide his negative feelings. When you feel lonely, nobody should know it! Why? That is obvious, since that is common for human beings to feel lonely. As you know, human beings were created to live in paradise. They were fooled by Satan and they did what they weren't expected to do! As a punishment, they were kicked out from that beautiful place. They are living in the Earth now. Well, being out of the right place, they all have a feeling of loneliness. This is common among people. However, a man should know the fact that he must hide his negative feelings. He must be like a mountain, alone and strong! {-:

One of the reasons for the attraction and need of ladies for men is their loneliness. Naturally, at a particular age, they feel very lonely. They often find men soothing. This makes them be attracted to men. In fact, this is the philosophy of life. To put it simply, this is the trick of nature; to keep life and generation going. Therefore, as a man, you are supposed to support a lonely girl. Stop complaining about loneliness. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Oh Wael, the price of cats and dogs is increasing dramatically in some societies. Do you know why? Well, there are many reasons for this. One of the main reasons is either men are not soothing anymore(=they don't play their roles rightly), or there is a shortage of men! Consequently, ladies replace them with dogs and cats!...hehehehehehe LOL On the other hand, it shouldn't be denied that these days, the majority of girls who are affected and influenced by the negative effects of the west philosophy, are more interested in girlfriend-boyfriend relationship! These kinds of relationships cannot be lasting. Sooner or later, ladies will be the losers and they have to think of having pets; such as cats and dogs! Oh, I am sure, in the future, cats and dogs will be very expensive. :lol: :lol: :lol:

I am quite sure that my dear friend Wael will think I am taking Amal's side! But, this is not true. You are both my friends. I do care about you. I played the role of a mirror in this post. I reflected what I am functionally should do.

All the best,
Behnam, 25 March, 2013

ارادتمند شما
*بهنام *
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Re: Let's learn together!

Postby [amal] » Mon Mar 25, 2013 1:09 pm

Hi Behnam,

How are you?

First of all I want to Thank you for your sympathy. In fact, I don't care if that person was the "most famous and effective religious leader" or not, at least he had a reason to be killed but what I care the most about is the innocent people who were there! :-( What fault does they commit???!! Praying and hearing gods words???!!! :cry:

*Emm, let me make myself clear cause I don't want anybody to misunderstand me, I am not saying that I am not sad about that Sheikh since death in itself makes us mourn. Above that, I am not saying that he deserved it. No, not at all! In my ideas only god knows who is right and who is wrong these days here. What I was saying is that he was involved in political matters not like other people who went to that mosque just to pray!

Anyway, let's forget it. May god have mercy on them..

Oh dear, my post wasn't bumpy, the situation in my country is enough for me! :lol: :cry:

I was just saying some facts and correcting some of Wael sentences ! {-:
Moreover, I am not who shared secret things here or anywhere else! I was just surprised when I saw that Wael was "is" sad and it's obvious that he was blaming me. Although, I don't know why! :lol:

I tread to be patient and didn't want to say ANY WORD about this topic and moreover -as you said- I don't agree to speak about such things in this place since I love it and don't want to distort it BUT I couldn't see someone accuses me and stay silent...

Dear friend, look, when you always alert and warn someone and tell him that this is what going to happen, however, although that he agrees and ask you to continue your friendship normally
and he is satisfied and will bear the risk of things in the future. After all that the things you had warned them from happens so he come and blame YOU!!!! WHYYYY???!!!! Why didn't he let you go from the beginning???!!! Why is he complaining now??!! Why isn't he satisfied??!!! Why does he just judge you and your actions although you were very clear and said that you can't do it from the beginning??!!!!
Dear friend just say the truth does he has the right?!

By the way, thanks for your words and your posts, I agree with every word you have said in them! You just say what is it in my mind. :)

It's lunch time here so I have to leave and end this post.

Sorry about all this matter, I really didn't want to bother you with me and my stories.

Wish you the best,
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Re: Let's learn together!

Postby Elham » Mon Mar 25, 2013 7:36 pm

Hi dear Kami,

Happy new year to you and your family. Hope you are enjoying your holidays beside your mom, dad and sister.

Oh thanks for you very kind post. I'm very well and everything is great. Specially last two days that my lovely cute cousins had come to our city and we spent almost all day together. We enjoyed ourselves a lot;at nights we would gather together and spoke till morning, then we had some rest and again! We really enjoy talking to each other, my cousins are very friendly, nice and funny.We match together very well.We talk about everything, we do have serious conversations about life, marriage, relationships, family members, job, study,.... , as much as we make joke and laugh. Oh last night we laughed aloooooot, thank god! I'm very happy and energetic. They left us today in the hope that next month we go to their city and again enjoy our time.

Oh sometimes I imagine Behnam,Amal, Kami, Setayesh and Elham visit each other in person. Woooooooow, what a wonderful gathering! Five lovely, wise, kind and nice friends meet together and chat and have fun, oh I love it! :-D :-D :-D

I'm happy now, I love people of my life. My family members, my relatives, my friends,without them... oh noooooooo, I can't imagine it. I wish them all healthiness, happiness and success. Thankssssssssss God for gifting them to me.Thanks thanks thanks :-)

I wish you could travel to Esfahan, so that we could meet each other. I'm very serious honey, please plan to come here, I'm inviting you and your family to Njafabad. I'm sure we will enjoy spending time together, specially now that weather is so pleasant.Think about it pleaseeeeeeee :-)

You know, recently I'm very angry with this fake world, fake smiles, fake laughs, fake meetings...I wish everything were real! Heeeeeeeeem... :-x

Anyway, I enjoyed writing to you. I feel your kindness and warmth of your heart and enjoy it.Thanks honey.Oh Kami, please read my posts as a friend , not as an English specialist. I'm not satisfied with my English in this post and feel shy :oops:

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