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'Going To' Gap Fill Game 2

Complete each sentence with a word from the list:
   to buy      to fail      to get      to go      to lose      to rain      to retire      to see      to strike      to visit  
1. If you eat too much food, you're going fat.
2. If she doesn't study more, she's going .
3. Look at those dark clouds. It's going .
4. Unless you work harder, you're going your job.
5. If I make a lot of money, I'm going a big house.
6. While we're in India, we're going the Taj Mahal.
7. If the police catch him, he's going to jail.
8. Unless their pay is increased, the workers are going .
9. As soon as the movie opens, we're going it.
10. When I'm sixty years old, I'm going .

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