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Animals Cloze Game 1

Animal Products

Complete each sentence with a word from the list:
   bees      chickens      cows      cows      cows      pigs      pigs      pigs      sheep      sheep  
1. Milk that's sold in cartons comes from .
2. Eggs that are bought in supermarkets come from .
3. Bacon that's cooked for breakfast comes from .
4. Wool that's knitted into jumpers comes from .
5. Beef that's put into pies comes from .
6. Honey that's sold in jars comes from .
7. Ham that's put in sandwiches comes from .
8. Mutton that's put in a curry comes from .
9. Steak that's served with chips comes from .
10. Pork that's roasted in an oven comes from .

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