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Famous People in the Arts 2 Cloze Game

Complete each sentence with a name from the list:
   Antonio Gaudi      Charles Dickens      Charlotte Bronte      Fela Kuti      Igor Stravinsky      Michelangelo      Pablo Picasso      Rembrandt van Rijn      Samuel Beckett      T.S. Eliot  
1. The Dutch painter known for "The Night Watch" and many self-portraits is .
2. The Russian composer who wrote "The Firebird" and "The Rite of Spring" is .
3. The American poet who wrote "The Waste Land" and "Four Quartets" is .
4. The English novelist who wrote "David Copperfield" and "Great Expectations" is .
5. The Nigerian musician known for pioneering Afrobeat music and leading Africa '70 is .
6. The Spanish architect who designed "Casa Batllo" and "Sagrada Família" is .
7. The English novelist who wrote "Jane Eyre" and "Villette" is .
8. The Italian painter and sculptor best known for "The Last Judgment" and "David" is .
9. The Irish poet and playwright who wrote "Waiting for Godot" and "Watt" is .
10. The Spanish artist known for "Les Demoiselles d'Avignon" and "Guernica" is .

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