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Money Cloze Game

Complete each sentence with a word from the list:
   banknote      cash      coin      credit      currencies      debt      exchange      investment      market      Renminbi  
1. Paper money that's issued by a country's central or reserve bank is called a .
2. Money in the form of a flat, usually round, piece of metal is called a .
3. Money in the form of banknotes and coins is called .
4. The different types of money used in different countries or regions are called .
5. Japan's currency is the Yen and China's currency is the .
6. The rate at which one currency is traded for another currency is called the rate.
7. The value of most currencies is determined by currency trading on the global foreign exchange .
8. Giving money to a company in return for a share of future profits is called making an .
9. Money that's owed by one person or organisation to another is called a .
10. If you buy something on , the seller accepts your promise to pay for it in the future instead of immediately.

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