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Selling Cloze Game

Complete each sentence with a word from the list:
   discount      distributor      high      lower      margin      representatives      retail      retailer      services      wholesale  
1. Companies make money by selling goods such as computers or cars, or by selling such as legal representation or website design.
2. Company employees who find customers and make sales are called sales .
3. The selling of a product in a large quantity, or "in bulk", to a distributor or retailer is a sale.
4. The selling of a product to a customer or "end-user" in a shop or an online store is a sale.
5. A company that buys products in bulk at wholesale prices and sells them for a profit to retail outlets is called a .
6. A company that sells products directly to the public in a store or through a website is called a .
7. A reduction of the retail price in order to boost sales is called a .
8. The difference between the wholesale price paid by a retailer, and the retail price paid by a customer, is called a .
9. "Low-end" products are inexpensive products with a small margin that require sales volume to make a good profit.
10. "High-end" products are expensive products with a large margin that require sales volume to make a good profit.

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