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Consumer Protection Cloze Game

Complete each sentence with a word from the list:
   accurately      benefits      buy      complained      consumer      cutting      laws      produce      profit      protection  
1. A person who buys and uses a product is called a .
2. Companies design, manufacture and market products for consumers in order to make a .
3. Profits are made by selling products for more money than they cost to and market.
4. Companies can increase profits by production costs, and this can lead to low quality products and safety problems for consumers.
5. Companies can also increase profits by persuading more consumers to their products by advertising them.
6. When they advertise a product, companies often exaggerate its and create an inaccurate image of it in the consumer's mind.
7. Many consumers who purchased low-quality products in the past, or purchased products after being exposed to inaccurate advertising, felt cheated and to authorities.
8. These complaints about poor-quality or unsafe products, or inaccurate advertising, led to the development of consumer regulations in many countries.
9. Consumer protection regulations are intended to ensure that products meet minimum quality and safety requirements, and are described when advertised and packaged.
10. The harm caused by companies in the past has also led to the introduction of consumer protection that allow consumers and consumer organisations to file charges against, and receive compensation from, unethical companies.

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