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Physical Exercise 1 Cloze Game

Choose a word from the list to fill each gap:
   designed      equipment      healthy      jogging      muscles      music      series      sprinting      strength      working out  
1. Aerobic exercise is exercise for fitness that is slow, steady and continues for a long time, like in a park, swimming laps in a pool, or riding a bicycle.
2. Anaerobic exercise is exercise that expends a lot of energy very quickly, like on a running track, swimming in short, quick bursts, or lifting heavy weights.
3. Flexibility exercise is the type of exercise that stretches the , like the stretching exercises that athletes do before competing, or the postures performed in yoga.
4. Fitness training is any regular exercise routine that keeps people fit and at a healthy weight, such as at the gym or doing a fitness trail routine.
5. Weight training involves repeatedly lifting heavy weights using barbells or weight machines in order to increase physical and build muscle mass.
6. Circuit training involves repeating a "circuit", which is a personalised of exercises, some of which are for fitness, some for flexibility and some for strength building.
7. Aerobics is a fitness routine led by an instructor that combines rhythmic aerobic exercises with stretching and strength training, usually performed to .
8. Gymnastics is a sport that originated in Europe in which exercises requiring strength, flexibility and balance are performed on a range of including bars, rings, mats and vaulting horses.
9. Pilates is an exercise system that aims to strengthen the mind and body through breathing and exercise routines, many of which are performed on pieces of equipment by the system's inventor, Joseph Pilates.
10. Yoga an ancient Indian system of physical and mental exercises intended to create a body and mind.

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