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Martial Arts Cloze Game

Choose a word from the list to fill each gap:
   Capoeira      Judo      Karate      Kendo      Kung Fu      Muay Thai      Pencak Silat      Savate      Taekwondo      Tai Chi Chuan  
1. is a Japanese martial art involving open-handed strikes, kicks and blocks, practised for self-defense, physical fitness and self-improvement.
2. is a Chinese martial art and exercise routine in which a series of slow and graceful body movements are performed in order to calm the mind and improve physical health.
3. is one of several similar South-East Asian combat sports that involve rigorous training in techniques of punching, kicking, elbowing and kneeing as well as blocking and clinching.
4. is a Japanese combat sport in which bamboo swords are used, along with traditional samurai sword-fighting techniques and Zen Buddhist concepts like "empty mind".
5. is a Brazilian martial art in which ground and aerial acrobatics are combined with power kicks, leg sweeps, knee strikes, elbow strikes and punches.
6. is a Japanese martial art and Olympic sport in which practitioners trip or throw opponents to the floor and use holds or joint locks to immobilize them.
7. The term covers a number of similar traditional Indonesian and Malaysian martial art styles that can involve strikes, sweeps, throws, joint locks or bladed weapons, or combinations of these.
8. is a Korean martial art and Olympic combat sport in which blocks, kicks, punches, open-handed strikes, sweeps, throws, and joint locks are used.
9. The term covers hundreds of Chinese combat and martial art styles that combine in various ways fitness and strength training with meditation and internal energy manipulation.
10. , or French kickboxing, is a French martial art that developed from street fighting and in which the hands and feet are used to strike, kick and block.

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