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Human Organs Cloze Game

Complete each sentence with a word from the list:
   brain      heart      kidneys      large intestine      liver      lungs      pancreas      sex organs      small intestine      stomach  
1. The organ that pumps blood all around the body by beating from 50 to 80 times a minute when the body's at rest is the .
2. The pair of bag-like organs that expand and absorb oxygen from the air we breathe in, and contract and excrete carbon-dioxide into the air we breathe out are the .
3. The mass of nerves inside the head that gives us the ability to think, feel and control the body is the .
4. The bag-like organ into which food goes after we eat, and in which the process of digestion begins, is the .
5. The very long organ into which food goes when it leaves the stomach, and from which digested nutrients are absorbed into the blood is the .
6. The pair of organs that filter waste from the blood and then mix it with water that's excreted from the body as urine are the .
7. The large organ that makes complex substances like bile and hormones, stores vitamins, minerals and energy-rich glucose, and breaks down toxins before they're excreted is the .
8. The organ into which undigested matter moves after it leaves the small intestine is the .
9. The male and female organs that produce gametes, or sex cells, which can combine after intercourse to form an embryo that develops into a new-born baby are the .
10. The organ that makes many important substances, including hormones like insulin and glucagon, and digestive enzymes that break down food in the small intestine is the .

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