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Famous Scientists Cloze Game

Complete each sentence with one of names from the list below:
   Albert Einstein      Charles Darwin      Galileo Galilei      Isaac Newton      Louis Pasteur      Marie Curie      Nicolaus Copernicus      Niels Bohr      Sigmund Freud      Steven Hawking  
1. The British biologist who developed the theory of evolution by natural selection was .
2. The Polish–French physicist and chemist who was the first woman to be awarded the Nobel Prize after making important discoveries about radioactivity was .
3. The British physicist who developed a theory of gravitation after seeing an apple fall from a tree was .
4. The Italian astronomer who was jailed by the Roman Catholic Church for publishing important discoveries about planets and the solar system was .
5. The Austrian neurologist who founded the field of psychoanalysis and developed new theories of the unconscious mind and repression was .
6. The British physicist who made important contributions to the understanding of black holes despite being afflicted by motor neurone disease was .
7. The German astronomer who was the first European to state that the Earth and other planets circled the sun was .
8. The French chemist who developed several vaccines after making important discoveries about the causes and prevention of infectious disease was .
9. The German physicist who revolutionized the whole of modern physics with his theory of general relativity was .
10.The Danish physicist who made many contributions to the understanding of atomic structure and quantum mechanics was .

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