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Branches of Biology Cloze Game

Complete each sentence with a word from the list:
   anatomy      botany      ecology      evolutionary biology      genetics      human physiology      marine biology      neuroscience      reproductive biology      zoology  
1. The study of the nervous system is called .
2. The study of how organisms reproduce is called .
3. The study of how our bodies work is called .
4. The study of the structure of human or animal bodies is called .
5. The study of organisms that live in the sea is called .
6. The study of genes, chromosomes, and heredity is called .
7. The study of plants and their structure is called .
8. The study of animals and their behaviour is called .
9. The study of the origin and development of species over time is called .
10. The study of the complex relationships among animals and plants and their environments is called .

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