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Sports Cloze Game 8

Sports Talk 1: Players

Complete each sentence with a word from the list:
   100 metres sprint      badminton      cricket      cycling      darts      diving      gymnastics      skateboarding      steeplechase      wrestling  
1. Carlos said, "We we're grappling on the mat when I got him in a chin lock, flipped him over, and pinned his shoulders to the mat." He'd just won a match.
2. Louise said, "I got out of the blocks fast and was leading all the way, but Gael finished strong and got me on the line." She'd just come second in a .
3. Mark said, "I took the lead after Paul slipped and fell at the last water jump, and I managed to hold on even though I was struggling over the last 200." He'd just won the .
4. Kim said, "My floor exercise was good, and so was my balance beam, but I had problems on the uneven bars, and my vault wasn't perfect, so all I could win was a bronze." She'd just come third in the women's all-round .
5. Masako said, "My dropshot hit the net and instead of falling back, the shuttle tumbled over and she couldn't reach it. And that was match point!" She'd just won a match.
6. Jason said, "I was on the mega ramp and nailed a 720, but then lost my board off the top of the ramp and slammed down 20 feet and busted my ankle." He'd just crashed out of a event.
7. Stan said "I started off with a ton 80 when I got the first three in the triple 20, and never looked back. My best form ever!" He'd just won a competition.
8. Simone said, "The mountain stage was brutal and that's where I lost touch with the peloton, and I just couldn't get back in touch. But I'll be back again for next year's event." She'd just finished a event.
9. Tom said, "I finished off with an armstand back double-somersault with one and a half twists in the free position, with a high degree of difficulty, and I nailed it!" He'd just won a competition.
10. Sachin said, "I got a fast delivery down the leg side. I tried hooking it but the ball swung late and I got caught behind." He'd just been dismissed in a match.

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