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The Learning English Video Project

Self-study Exercise

Tales from America

Part 2. According to the film, are the following sentences True or False?

1English is the official language of the USA.
2In the opening sequence everyone expressed their love for New York.
3Students who visit New York are often amazed by how big everything is.
4One of the learners in the film is also taking yoga teacher training.
5The learner from Argentina recommends studying about 2 hours per week.
6The Spanish student thinks learners should use government grants for learning in English countries.
7Beginners often find it difficult to think in English.
8 It is important for computer scientists and computer engineers to know technical English.
9Interviewees agree that the best way to learn English is to go to a city where you have to speak English.
10After spending time in NY, most of the interviewees felt more confident when speaking English.
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