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The Learning English Video Project

Self-study Exercise

Thoughts from Brazil

Part 2. According to the film, are the following sentences True or False?

1 Sao Paulo is one of Brazil's safest cities.
2Speaking is the English-language skill that Brazilians have the most difficulty with.
3In Brazil, most language schools for young learners focus on play rather than grammar and vocabulary.
4The first language for nearly all Brazilians is Portuguese.
5The parent in the film prefers the style of learning her child receives to the style of learning she experienced as a child.
6Two of the teenage students talk about how playing online games helped them learn English.
7Amanda recommends using English settings on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.
8Beatriz says that her younger brother's ability to speak English is a result of attending English classes at school.
9Most Brazilian teenagers do not learn any English in school.
10In order to play RPG games with people from around the world, Brazilians need to have perfect English.
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