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The Learning English Video Project

Self-study Exercise

Stories from Morocco

Part 3. Find the word that most closely matches the underlined word:

1 "There are a lot of foreign companies, like American companies, opening up their headquarters or branches here in Morocco."
2"English is coming along more every day, all over Morocco."
3"The tourism is really booming here."
4"If you want to go to university in Morocco now they require you to have an intermediate level of English, actually."
5"The unique part about our school is that children will graduate with three languages."
6"Moroccan as a dialect is a combo of Arabic, French, and a little bit of Spanish as well."
7"Sometimes it can be chaotic because many people don't understand. It can take weeks for one person and one day for another person."
8"You tell people you speak three or four languages and they're like, wow, you're a genius."
9"Obviously English is not my native language."
10"There are no obstacles if there is a willingness to learn."
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