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The Learning English Video Project

Self-study Exercise

Conversations in Spain

Part 2. According to the film, are the following sentences True or False?

1 The first people to attend the English school in Granada were women.
2The school director says English is a requirement for just about any profession in Spain.
3In Spain, university has never been an option for women.
4Giulio says that his case is different from most learners because he suffers from extreme shyness.
5Beatriz offers a friendly apology to Italian viewers after she shares her viewpoint about their speaking abilities.
6Beatriz believes that travelling abroad is important if you want to learn English.
7According to Beatriz, the English instruction in Spanish state schools and private classes is exactly the same.
8Giulio's mother always makes fun of his English.
9Beatriz says that it can be difficult to learn proper English pronunciation from a Spanish native like herself.
10Beatriz suggests that you have to like the language you are learning.
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