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The Learning English Video ProjectLearning English Video Project

A unique 7-part series of documentary films about people learning English in different countries around the world. Made by independent UK filmmaker Daniel Emmerson, the series features students from across the world who have different methods and reasons for learning English. With subtitles and classroom materials.

Divided Kingdom TrailerDivided Kingdom

Welcome to a kingdom divided. In modern day Britain, prejudice and discrimination affect the lives of two individuals. Michael struggles to live amongst a multicultural society, whilst Aryan suffers from racism. This leads to a shocking confrontation with a dangerous and uncertain ending. By Marcus Essberger and Samuel Calverley, with subtitles and classroom materials. (13 minutes) See comments

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The GhostsThe Ghosts

An animation by Anthony Essberger based on Lord Dunsany's short story The Ghosts. With subtitles and classroom materials. (5 minutes) See comments

Swiss Spaghetti Harvest

This 1957 BBC documentary film is an absolute classic of its kind. It is available here with the transcript in a pop-up box so that you can listen and read at the same time. (2 minutes) See comments

The Gambler

Sung by Kenny Rogers. With subtitles. (3 minutes) See comments

The Truth About PisaThe Truth About Pisa

Learn the extraordinary yet real reason why the Leaning Tower of Pisa leans! As they say, "fact is sometimes stranger than fiction." This animated cartoon (by Anthony Essberger at age 12) reveals for the first time the traumatic event that years ago caused the Tower of Pisa to nearly collapse. (15 seconds) See comments