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Director's Statement Comprehension Quiz

Answer these questions after reading Anthony Essberger On Making The Ghosts

1Before making his film, Anthony knew that it had to be .
2After thinking about his options, Anthony decided to base his film on .
3At first Anthony was attracted to Lord Dunsany’s The Ghosts because of the author’s .
4Storyboarding allowed Anthony to see on paper things that he had already .
5Anthony used Adobe Flash software to create .
6Keeping the quality of the animation up to the standard he wanted took Anthony .
7Which character did Anthony’s father Josef voice? 
8Anthony had originally planned his film to end with the younger brother   .
9If he'd created the ending he'd planned to, viewers would have realised that the gunshot .
10Anthony hopes that one day he’ll be able to .

Printable version is here

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