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Pronouncing -ed [key]

work > worked [t] warn > warned [d]   want
> wanted
> landed
Write the phonetic symbol for each -ed verb ending.
1 started [Id]
2 needed [Id]
3 reached [t]
4 regarded [Id]
5 decided [Id]
6 propped [t]
7 locked [t]
8 realized [d]
9 noticed [t]
10 bolted [Id]
11 descended [Id]
12 glanced [t]
13 looked [t]
14 renovated [Id]
15 closed [d]
16 discovered [d]
17 examined [d]
18 painted [Id]
19 permitted [Id]
20 pulled [d]

Reading practice
When Bond arrived[d] at the renovated[Id] Château, darkness had descended[Id]. He examined[d] the shadowy building. Its ground-floor windows were closed[d] and shuttered[d]. He glanced[t] at his watch. He concluded[Id] that there was no time to lose and decided[Id] to enter. He tried[d] the gold-leafed[t] front door but it was locked[t], barred[d] and bolted[Id]. He realized[d] he needed[Id] a ladder. He looked[t] around and noticed[t] one on the grass. Noiselessly, he propped[t] it up against the freshly-painted[Id] balcony and started[Id] to climb. He had nearly reached[t] the top when he spotted[Id] headlights approaching. A large car pulled[d] in through the gate. By the time it arrived[d] at the door, Bond had already jumped[t] through the balcony window and discovered[d] the cause of his anxiety.

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