General Knowledge Quiz 1


Answer all questions in English.

1How many years make a century?  
2Name three oceans.  
3Which is heavier, gold or plastic?  
4Name two gases.  
5How many cents are there in a euro?  
6Name three deserts.  
7Name three metals.  
8Name three islands.  
9Name three birds.  
10How many legs does an ant have?  
11Of which country is Vienna the capital?  
12How many inches are there in a foot?  
13Is Spain bigger than Portugal?  
14Where do polar bears live?  
15How many legs does a spider have?  
16How many feet are there in a yard?  
17Is Laos or Wales nearer China?  
18Name three rivers.  
19Is a jellyfish animal or vegetable?  
20How many sides does an octagon have?  
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