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Adverbs of indefinite frequency


  • never, seldom, sometimes, often, always
100% always, constantly
  usually, normally
  frequently, regularly
50% sometimes
  rarely, infrequently
  hardly ever
0% never

Adverbs of indefinite frequency mainly go in MID position in the sentence. They go before the main verb (except the main verb "to be"):

  • We usually go shopping on Saturday.
  • I have often done that.
  • She is always late.

Occasionally, sometimes, often, frequently and usually can also go at the beginning or end of a sentence:

  • Sometimes they come and stay with us.
  • I play tennis occasionally.

Rarely and seldom can also go at the end of a sentence (often with "very"):

  • We see them rarely.
  • John eats meat very seldom.

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