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Reported Speech Quiz

1 Which of the following is a common "reporting verb"?
2 Which word is optional (not essential) in the following reported statement?
He said that it was cold outside.
3 Which of the following is a correct reported statement of this direct statement? Last week he said: "We bought a car last week."
4 Choose the reported question that matches the following direct question:
Mary said: "Where's the washroom?"
5 Which of these words is usually required with reported YES/NO questions?
6 Look at the following reported question and choose the correct original direct question: Ram asked me where I worked.
7 Classify the following two sentences:
1) She said: "Please don't yell." 2) She asked them not to yell.
8 Choose the reported request that goes with the following direct request:
I said nicely, "Please wipe your feet."
9 Turn the following reported request into a direct request:
She always asks me not to burn the cookies.
10 Which structure is NOT used for reported orders?

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