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Mixed Examples of Tag Questions

Here is a list of examples of tag questions in different contexts. Notice that some are "normal" and others seem to break all the rules:

  • But you don't really love her, do you?
  • This'll work, won't it?
  • Oh you think so, do you?
  • Well, I couldn't help it, could I?
  • But you'll tell me if she calls, won't you?
  • We'd never have known, would we?
  • Oh you do, do you?
  • The weather's bad, isn't it?
  • You won't be late, will you?
  • Nobody knows, do they?
  • You never come on time, do you?
  • You couldn't help me, could you?
  • You think you're clever, do you?
  • So you don't think I can do it, don't you? (British English)
  • Shut up, will you!
  • She can hardly love him after all that, can she?
  • Nothing will happen, will it?

Now, let's check your understanding of tag questions, shall we?

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