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Negative Statement Tag Questions

Look at these examples with negative statements. Notice that the negative verb in the original statement is changed to positive in the tag.

negative statement [-] positive tag [+]
subject auxiliary   main verb     auxiliary personal
(same as subject)
It is n't raining,     is it?
We have never seen   that, have we?
You do n't like   coffee, do you?
They will not help,     will they?
They wo n't report   us, will they?
I can never do   it right, can I?
We must n't tell   her, must we?
He should n't drive   so fast, should he?
You wo n't be   late, will you?
You     are n't English, are you?
John     was not there, was he?
Notice that in the tag, we repeat the auxiliary verb, not the main verb. Except, of course, for the verb be in present simple and past simple.

Now let's look at how to answer tag questions.

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