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Positive Statement Tag Questions

Look at these examples with positive statements. You will see that most of the time, the auxiliary verb from the positive statement is repeated in the tag and changed to negative.

positive statement [+] negative tag [-] notes:
subject auxiliary main verb   auxiliary not personal
(same as subject)
You are coming,   are n't you?  
We have finished,   have n't we?  
You do like coffee, do n't you?  
You   like coffee, do n't you? You (do) like...*
They will help,   wo n't they? won't = will not
I can come,   can 't I?  
We must go,   must n't we?  
He should try harder, should n't he?  
You   are English, are n't you? no auxiliary for main verb be present & past
John   was there, was n't he?

*Note that in this example the auxiliary verb do in the statement - "You like coffee," - is understood and not expressed because the tense is normal present simple. But the question tag uses the do auxiliary to make "don't you?" It is also possible to say: "You do like coffee, don't you?"

Let's now look at negative statement tag questions.

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